BSOD and Lock Up Issues. Please Help

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Dec 3, 2006
  1. I just built a new machine a couple weeks ago and I've been fighting with this issue trying to figure it out.

    The computer would lock up at random. Most the time the video would shut off and I'd have to hold the power button down for 5 seconds to shut it down. Occassionally the video would remain on when it locked up.

    A few times I got a BSOD, two that I can remember. The first one I got was IRQ_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS_THAN and the file mentioned was sthda.sys

    I updated my BIOS, and all drivers for the motherboard. I was hoping it would fix the issue, but unfortunatly it didn't. It locked up a few more times that day and I got another BSOD. PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and mentioned win32k.sys

    I ran memtest86+ for 7 hours (about 8 passes) and didn't even get 1 error.

    I went looking for minidump files, but I only have the one right now. I've been screwing around with this thing for a week now and it's driving me nuts. I'd appreciate any help.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
    Intel DG695WH Mobo
    2GB OCZ DDR2 Gold Edition

    I thought it might be the Intel Video so I disabled it, and installed an eVGA 7900GT KO and the same thing happens. The only other things I have is 1 SATA drive and 1 optical drive.

    The same PSU was previously running an Athlon 64 3800+ with 2GB of Corsair ram, the same SATA drive, optical drive, and video card in addition to another optical drive and an ATA133 hard drive.

    I tried an Antec Neo 550 with it, but it wouldn't power up. The fans would spin for about 2 seconds, then stop, then spin up again for 2 seconds and stop, and it would keep doing that. Very strange.

    Anyway, I've got another Intel mobo and E6300 with the same ram on it's way for my wife computer, and I'm PRAYING I don't have the same problems. But then again, I'll be mad if she gets the working computer.

    Please help!!



    Oh yeah, I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2

    Well I went into my computer room and I had another BSOD.
    No file mentioned.

    There was no minidump file though...

    I pulled one of the stick of ram out and I'm going to run memtest86+ on the remaining stick overnight, then swap them and run it for 4-5 hours tomorrow and see if I get errors.

    Everybody keeps telling me it's the ram. I really hope not since I've got the 2nd setup with the same ram. I suppose I can put the Corsair ram from my old AMD machine in and see if it works.

    Any other suggestions?

    Oh yeah, it seems to happen when I'm running multiple apps, or doing something intensive. ie, playing Neverwinter Nights 2, or encoding video. I had it lock up on me when I was just browsing the web, but only once. I've been able to use it for 3-4 hours without problems browsing and emailing. Then I fire up my video encoder, come back from my shower 30min later and it's locked up or BSOD'd
  2. Hatrick

    Hatrick TS Rookie Posts: 90

    BSOD and lock up issues. Please help.

    Try this - no guarantees; I'm not an expert.

    Press Win+break - it brings up System Properties. Click - Advanced - start up and recovery - settings. Unclick - automatically restart - O.k. - O.K.

    Search win32 for Verifier.exe - dbl click -next - next - finish - reboot.

    Now, if the explanations are correct (I have not had any unsigned drivers that failed, yet) you will get a blue screen identifying problem drivers which can then be uninstalled, updated, whatever it takes. Verifier does not fix anything, you have to do that.

    Good luck.Hope this helps.
  3. Psycho640

    Psycho640 TS Rookie

    I have been having something like what you have explained, tho i get a BSoD it doesn't give the driver thats failing, i do get the message stated above as well as a stop error; STOP: 0x40000080 (0X8971BAD0, 0X8930D760, 0XF78A2D8C, 0X00000001). If this is of any help to you, please let me know as i am seriously getting frustrated and need help.
  4. Hatrick

    Hatrick TS Rookie Posts: 90

    BSOD and Lock Up issues.

    Google the stop error and see what comes up. It means nothing to me: as I said, I'm not an expert.

    Good luck.
  5. Dizzy149

    Dizzy149 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, went 42 passes last night on one stick of ram, and 10 on the second this morning, and had 0 errors.

    I have googled the stop error, and most of what I see says it's a memory issue, which is why I was testing the ram.

    The system doesn't restart when it crashes. When it locks up it just sits there. When it BSODs, it just sits there.

    I tried the Verifier thing you suggested, but when I rebooted nothing came up, it booted as normal. It listed about 12 drivers in the setup though, so maybe that means they are all good?

    Update: I can pretty much guarantee it will crash if I encode video, so I did it again. Sure enough, it locked up, and for the first time, it rebooted. Figures, since I just said it never rebooted.
    I changed the settings so it would not automatically reboot. I checked the minidump dir and there was no minidump. I checked the event log, and there was no warning event. What the hell is going on with my machine!!

    Last time I had random lockups when I was doing things it was the CPU overheating. Now, from what I hear, the E6300 should be able to run under full load with NO cpu cooling at all and be okay. I installed the Intel System Utilities that came with the board. It's supposed to show temps and voltage information, so I could check both of those. I fire it up, and there is no temp displayed, or voltage info! I removed it and installed Motherboard Monitor 5, but the files were from June 2004. I clicked update, and it said it updated, but my motherboard isn't in the list. If I just run it, it doesn't pick up any sensors at all. So again, no info. I can't believe there are no sensors on this stupid board!

    Oh yeah, when I first tried to install MBM5, I got a BSOD with no error or file, just 0x080, and it rebooted (which it shouldn't have). Again, no minidump or event in the log?!?!

    I'm beginning to think I need a priest instead of hardware help.

    My last option is to completely wipe the drive and reinstall which I REALLY didn't want to do, but I'm fairly certain this is an OS error and not a hardware error.
  6. cpc2004

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    One minidump is insufficient to determine the culprit. You have to zip 5 to 6 minidumps and attach the zip file here (note the upper limit of each attachment is 100k) in order to confirm the culprit. Base upon your minidump, the symptom is faulty ram and it is unconfirmed answer. You must aware that some faulty ram can pass memtest. The problem may to related to bad memory slot or incompatibility of ram and m/b. You have to diagnostic which memory module is faulty.
  7. Dizzy149

    Dizzy149 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. I know I need more minidumps, but my system isn't making them. After the crash I check, and nothing is there.

    I've got some other ram I think I'll drop in and see how it works.

    I really hope it's not a compatability issue with the board since I've 2gb more of the same ram here, and another one of the intel boards on the way :(

    Well, I dropped in the Corsair ram and it's been happily encoding video for about 4.5 hours now. So I think it's safe to say it was the ram.

    It'll suck if it's a board incompatability. I'm not paying newegg 15% for ram I never used!
  8. Hatrick

    Hatrick TS Rookie Posts: 90

    BSOD and lock up issues. Please help.

    Glad you got sorted. I had just written a monster reply, offline, which would have had you working for a week.

    Should have remembered the KISS principle.
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