BSoD and Software Crashing - Tried Everything

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Aug 4, 2006
  1. 2 Yr old Compaq Presario S550UK XP SP2, BSoD 0x0000050 (different types but mostly in win32k.sys) and random software crashes leading to 'send info to microsoft rubbish'.

    Reformatted, swapped graphics card and RAM, run memtest86+, run chkdsk and manufacture HD check, both reported no problems., also checked power consumption ,way below the power supply so thats ok. Still get the crashes, also windows seems to stutter in opening applications despite AMD 3000+ and 1Gb RAM. I've disabled on board sound / etheret, updated BIOS and all drivers to no avail.

    All out of options now, would it possibly be the cache on the processor?, just wish the BSoD errors could supply me with a more direct route to the problem. No new hardware been installed and problem been ongoing for a number of months

    Any ideas will be very much appreciated
  2. joked u 2

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    Hey the two most commin reasons for a bsod is the wrong video drivers and swapping hdd/w os. Is sounds like a hardware conflict. can you boot up in safe mode or do you evan get that far?? what is the last thing you see just before the bsod???
  3. hnsexeter

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    Thanks for the reply, I don't get startup problems windows xp can be on for a good few hours before BSoD, and it tends to happen most with intensive usage / mutlitasking / using internet explorer / firefox. The hard disk was properly unpartitioned / partitioned with one 1 partition, formatted using ntfs.
  4. Hornstar6969

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    Not sure if I should start a new thread with my problem or not, but wanted to say I'm getting the same problem. Randomly software will crash (firefox, IE, msn etc.) sometimes after 10 min, sometimes after a few hours. Sometimes a BSOD will occur as well.

    Except my computer is all new parts, ive only just finished building it a couple of months ago. I'll post the specs up in a new thread because i dont want to hijack this thread, but wanted to share that im having the same problem, and hopefully its the same thing for both of us, and if hnsexeter ends up with a solution, please share it, because this is frustrating me after spending so much on my new pc.

  5. iss

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    While yuor PSU's rated output may be sufficient. the real question is are the voltages stable? have you checked the voltages with speedfan?
  6. Zeratul

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    When ? and When ?

    Okay, for those who are having BSoD:

    When does this happen while you're using your pc? Does it happen when you open a certain program or a game?

    Also, when did this begin to happen? Did you make any , i repeat, any kind of hardware installations??

    Did you install any software ?

    For hornstar, you said RANDOMLY.
    For hnsexeter, you didn't mention WHEN?

    For both, you can post here your PC's specs simply by using CPU-Z. Just make an html report by it
  7. Hornstar6969

    Hornstar6969 TS Rookie

    Okay, I only get BSOD on occasions now, maybe once every couple of days normally after an application crashes, then a couple of minutes later a BSOD will occur. But every software on the computer almost crashes every few hours, sometimes more, sometimes less, it is really random, this is the common software that is crashing (firefox, IE, msn, AceFTP 3 Freeware, limewire, GTA, Starship Troopers and that is pretty much everything that i have run as i've only had the computer for about a month or two now as I built it from scratch then.

    Here is the specs of my pc

    So bascially for me this has been happening since ive built the computer.
  8. Zeratul

    Zeratul TS Rookie Posts: 70

    Hardware issue

    Frankly, i think this bsod results from hardware failures, because i don't think you have a software one from every program !! (this is not logical at all)

    So, HW prob.

    I don't know, you try this on your responsability:
    Try lowering or increasing the dram freq. from the bios and observe the stability.


    I really believe this is a HW issue.
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