BSoD drives me crazy

By Lerbmag
Oct 24, 2004
  1. OK, I need the help of someone more knowledgeable than myself. My father got himself a P4 computer off of ebay and when he got it, it had some problems not seeing the HD, but he unplugged and replugged it and it got to working. A few months later it started crashing (usually at msn gaming zone). Then it got to the point where it wouldn't boot at all. I would get POST, then windows splash for 1 split sec/ a BSoD for a split sec then reboot.

    He has a SATA HD and I have never messed with them, so not to smart on them, so I got an old IDE HD and replaced his SATA with that and it booted. Messed with it for a while with no problems and he ordered another SATA HD.
    (he is really trying to save the info from original HD to try and recover later)
    (2-weeks later)
    Got new SATA HD and loaded Win xp home. All good, for about 5 hours, then the crashing began. Tried new SATA cables - no help there! Like I said, I am an ***** with this SATA, seems mobo has SATA problems to me.
    we return mobo (ABIT VT7) and buy another (Intel D865PERL)

    Same problem!

    So, I have taken out and used 1 512 stick memory and then the other and will not boot. Just POST, then windows splash for 1 split sec/ a BSoD for a split sec then reboot, etc.

    Does SATA take specific power? I guess I am down to Processor, psu, memory and video card??

    P4 Intel 3Gb
    1024 DDR (together run at 400)
    FX5200 video
    has a raidmax psu

    some BSoD I have got

    wIN32K.SYS BF8E6534 BASE AT BF800000 DATESTAMP 3d6de5e5
    win32k.sys BF849924 BASE AT BF800000

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. jstillion

    jstillion TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Welcome to Techspot

    You may want to check your power supply (is it powerful enough) or it could be failing. Do you have a lot of bown out / power spikes where your at?

    May also want to check your RAM. You can use this free utility and it works very well:
  3. markiwi

    markiwi TS Rookie Posts: 20

    You might wanna check your psu, how many watts do you have?
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