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I ordered my computer from Puget Systems some time ago and recently sent it in for repair because of a faulty motherboard. They replaced the motherboard, ram module and installed an 8800 GTX video card. Ever since i got it back I have been getting the DRIVER IRQL Not less then equal BSOD. When I reboot it does the same bsod upon loading my desktop. The only thing I have found to fix the problem is to boot into safemode and reinstall my video drivers. I installed different drivers and the problem seemed to vanish for a few weeks until today. I was loading into a HL2 server and it never loaded and I couldn't ctrl-alt-del so I did a hard shutdown and rebooted to receive the same error. After some research I came to discover the minidump files and this forum.

below is the 2 dumps from today and 3 of the 4 dumps from the last time i had the bsod other then today.

also uploaded on my webspace is all my dumps since i got the computer.. 06-xx-07 is the month I got my computer back from repair..anything before then probably isn't relevant.


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All the current minidumps point to NTOSKRNL.EXE...

This denotes a general Windows instability. I would start by testing or swapping this new RAM module... It may be defective
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Sorry for the late reply I had to go out of town for a few weeks. Anyways I ran a memtest for around 10 hours and came back with no errors. I still randomly get a blue screen that points to nvdisp.dll and then on reboot the DRIVERIRQ_LESS_THAN_EQUAL. Then just when I go to reboot without having received a blue screen first I get the DRIVERIRQ_LESS_THAN_EQUAL anyways and the only way I can get past it is if I reinstall my video drivers. Does this point to a faulty card or does it seem more of a windows corruption?
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