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Feb 8, 2008
  1. Hi all. I`m been having regular bsod`s regularly. Its after i reformatted my pc.used to be fine awhile ago,now its just messed up when under quite average workload. no new hardware installed, updated all drivers.
  2. Route44

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    Some of your minidumps were not definitive and so to get an exact answer to your problem may take awhile.

    But one thing that was pointed out was that your system is experiencing CORRUPTING_POOL_TAG and from what I have been able to research this could, but not definitely, be due to faulty RAM.

    All your minidump error codes also say faulty drivers are in the mix. But the only definitive driver cited is nvmcp.sys which is a Nvidia onboard sound card driver.

    You said you updated all drivers; did you do the same for your onboard audio? I would do this first and see if you gain stability. if not then run MemTest for a minimum of 7 passes.

    Come back and let us know if your problem was solved or more work needs to be done.
  3. rafdmr24

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    im using the latest version of the nvidia audio driver, v6.86, released date july 7, 2006. couldnt ran memtest because it keeps failing nearing the burning process. i don't have a floppy installed. Played switching the ram around the slots, found out the 1st ram slot will cause bsod's n restart, while the others just freeze & i have to manually restart. So, most probable cause is my ram slot? Thanks for the help.
  4. Route44

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    Can you test your memory sticks in another computer?

    When you say you put the memory into slot one and they failed, was this every time?

    It could be both sticks are bad. What motherboard do you have and what is the RAM make and type?
  5. captaincranky

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    It's in there.......

    "memtest 86" is included with the latest couple versions of Ubuntu Linux. You can select it at the CD boot up. Maybe a someone you know has a CD they might loan you.
  6. rafdmr24

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    My 1st ram slot is definately gone & 1 of my ram is something wrong. I'm using the remaining 2 ram slots with the remaining rams & works well now, so far. Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-K8NE. Rams are of different make, each is 512mb, Buffalo (which under CpuZ is Melco), Umax & Kingston. The Kingston ram is out now & is the lowest speed of all at 133mhz. While 2 others are at 200mhz. I couldnt find anyone with a ddr motherboard to test my ram as most of my friends uses sdram or ddr2 & nobody i know uses ubuntu linux.
  7. Route44

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    What do you mean your first slot "is definitely gone now"? Are you saying that even the good RAM sticks won't work in that slot?

    You need to find out what RAM is recommended for your motherboard by going to their website and looking up your particular board. It will have a listing of recommended RAM. Also, your slowest RAM will dictate the overall speed even if your other sticks are faster.
  8. rafdmr24

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    "What do you mean your first slot "is definitely gone now"? Are you saying that even the good RAM sticks won't work in that slot?". Yes, i borrowed a 512mb, 200mhz ram stick, but it still won`t work on the 1st ram slot & the only infomation i can get on the ram from the gigabyte website is this, "3 DDR DIMM memory slots (supports up to 3gb memory) Supports DDR 400/333/266/200." & a side note, " Because of CPU limitations, if u want to install DDR400 memory modules in your system, please install one double-sided or two single sided DDR400 memory modules. The DDR400 speed will drop down to DDR333 if you install two double-sided or three single-sided DDR400 memory modules."
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