By aj2390
Jun 25, 2007
  1. I had never had this problem with my computer it always ran well. Last week I installed a game and then boom; every time I ran the game I would get the BSOD IRQL_NOT LESS_OR_EQUAL and my computer would reboot.

    I read some posts on this site that pointed me in the right direction, got me thinking, looking, and trying different settings, so I want to make a post and maybe it will help others.

    I went into my system BIOS looking specifically at settings related to memory. I tried different settings for my memory. I would try only one setting change at a time then reboot and run the game again. If I had the problem again I would go back to the BIOS, put the changed setting back to the previous set and try another change. The setting that cured my BSOD IRQL_NOT LESS_OR_EQUAL was one called FLEXIBILITY OPTION; I had it enabled. I set it to disabled and have not had the problem since.
  2. herr5407

    herr5407 TS Rookie Posts: 101

    Thanks for the info man. I had a friend when he was running WoW had some rank blue screens. Maybe I'll look for that option next time.
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