BSOD - minidumps included

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Mar 3, 2007
  1. Sometimes


    I believe it's a software problem, as I haven't done anything about hardware recently, and it happened after a recent change. Upgraded Track-IR 4 from 4.1.029 to 4.1.030

    Connected my WD external HDD with a USB port I usually don't use, instead of the Firewire I usually use.
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    030307-07 crashes on afd.sys which is part of the TCP/IP stack in Microsoft Windows.
    Try updating your NIC drivers.

    030307-08 crashes on ntkrpamp.exe

    030307-09 crashes on tcpip.sys
    Again, try to update your NIC drivers

    Also, I would run a memtest as well.
  3. Shigawire

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    Hey thanks for the helpful reply

    I am downloading new drivers for my DWL G520 (rev b) - wireless NIC.

    Strange that this has happened only recently .. maybe its drivers got corrupted.

    Will tell you what happens.

    Ok, updated the drivers for my NIC, that didn't do much.
    Get the same errors with tcpip.sys mentioned.

    At boot-up, when the computer has loaded everything. I've removed some of the stuff being loaded.
  4. peterdiva

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  5. cpc2004

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    Hardware problem

    All of your minidumps are crashed by memory problem. Most likely the culprit is faulty ram. Reseat the memory module to another memory slot. If it still crashes, replace the ram.
  6. Shigawire

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    Thanks gents, for all your help.

    First I removed some weird hacker stuff called "killapp.a" , then I repaired my Windows XP copy.. maybe the files themselves were corrupt.

    It seems to be working so far. No BSOD yet.
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