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Oct 18, 2007
  1. Getting random Blue Screens about an hour between eachother... usually different kinds, havn't gotten 3 different ones so far. Attached my 3 mini dumps, thanks in advance!
  2. Route44

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    Minidump 1- Points to usbehci.sys driver which is of the Windows system for USB. If for some reason the file is missing or corrupt then run System File Checker. Go to Start, Run, type "SFC /SCANNOW" without the quotes and you should see SFC run through, it should also ask you for the Windows CD if it needs to replace any files.

    Minidumps 2 and 3 - Do you have Symantec? Dump 2 points to AUPDATE.exe and dump 3 points to SYMEVENT.sys. Both are of Symantec. The AUPDATE.exe can also be a spyware so I strongly suggest running a spyware scan.
  3. Raidur

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    Yeah the computer used to have Norton (don't ask), funny thing is, I got both of those BSODs right after I uninstalled it. Noticed that the update progs for Norton (which probably caused it) are still there so will be removing them as well. Havn't been able to do a SFC quite yet because the computer is in use (is actually the front desk's cash register), but will do asap. Havn't had any blue screens "yet" (thank god) since I changed the antivirus (comodo beta), added spybot/adaware (did the scans of course), and did a CheckDisc Scan. I'm sure more fun is still yet to come. Oh by the way, does anyone know of a Anti Virus that is free for business (other than Comodo AV Beta 2.0)? And thanks a lot for the quick feedback!! I'll keep you posted.

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    You're welcome. :)

    Norton is notorious for leaving alot behind after uninstalling, and that which is left behind can wreck havoc on your system. Under the security forms here there is a sticky that tells you how to remove Norton COMPLETELY.

    I really don't know any free versions of anti-virus for business. For $ I really like NOD32.
  5. Raidur

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    Ok, tried the SFC with no luck. Haven't used the computer to try a complete removal of Norton yet, but will be doing so later today. Got 2 new Minidumps now. Well I believe one of them is a repeat of an old BSOD, but the 2nd one has revealed a new problem, and happened while windows was booting, joy.

    PS: I use NOD32 at home and agree. =P

    PSS: This computer is using XP Pro.

    Thanks again!
  6. Route44

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    It is really important to purge your PC from Norton.

    Also, your first dump pointed to ntfs.sys which is an important Windows driver. If you google it you'll read where many people have issues with this driver when attempting to boot.

    Check out this link and see if it helps:
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