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BSOD on boot

By Blackwood550
Oct 12, 2007
  1. I got some new hardware friday and it installed and went well...the install of Winodws XP went flawlessly, along with a fresh download of the service pack 2.

    Here's the problem...when i turn off the computer for a long period of time 30min to 8 hours, i boot up later and get a BSOD when windows boots, the BSOD gives me the stop error, and involves a file ACPI.SYS and states that i should do blah blah to fix it...i've contacted ms and they, were useless, and Geeksquad sugested that i get a new windows cd. I've run extensive tests on the disk, memory and a surface check on my install CD.

    What i'd like to know...on the first boot i get a BSOD, after i reset the machine, 1-3 boot attempts later, it loads as fast as it should and stable with out errors...The board, processor, Disk, and RAM are brand new. What could be the cause?


    Mainboard: ASUS Commando
    RAM: Corsair PC-6400 1GB x2
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    SATA disk 1: WD Caviar SE 500GB
    VGA: nVidia GeForce FX 5500 PCI 256 DDR
    I've got a DVD-ROM and a DVD-RAM drive and a "Legacy" floppy disk installed...

    current configuration is that i have a 1 yr old DVD-ROM on Ide channel 1 Master, The DVD ram is on slave, the SATA harddisk is hooked up to (on the board it's port 1) on the bios and windows it says, AHCI port 5. I have no EIDE hard disks installed at this time

    I've got a diagnostic sheet at home that states that i have a couple IRQ conflicts, and if i remember, the ACPI shows up on that list.

    I would like to resolve this problem without having to reinstall windows, or get new hardware...

    (I'm at college so i won't be able to do anything till i get home. Still, i will be able to recall certain events)

    the first ever error i got with this hardware was with a MUP.SYS, checked the CD it was good, and downloaded and burned to cd, loaded that installed and let it update, turned it off, let it sit, and boot up to that bsod as stated after rebooting from that it loaded flawlessly.

    now i'm geting these

    1 BIOS) RAM R/W test failure (Press F1 To Resume)

    2) the last file i saw when attempting safe mode was MUP.sys

    Right after that...

    Stop C000021 Unknown Hard Error

    3) Stop 0xD1

    NTFS.SYS Address B9DD39DC Base B9D7E000 Datestamp 4613Bfbf1
    (this showed up twice in the same screen)

    I've gots some dumps attatched...
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    run memtest. instructions below.
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