BSOD on startup

By Scolaire
Oct 27, 2007
  1. Hi Techspot members,
    I was on my desktop yesterday and out of the blue(heh literally) I got a BSOD, telling me that there was a problem detected, beginning dump of something or other, etc... This has happened one or two times before but the pc was always fine the next morning. This morning, though, it wasn't. i keep getting a BSOD on startup that says "a problem has been detected etc." and then gives me this
    Now while this looks very technical and impressive, I haven't a clue what it means! I tried blowing all the dust out of the pc this morning (pretty much all I can do with it) but every time I turn it on I get the same message.
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    Based on that error,I`d say -

    - Run chkdisk - See HERE

    - Disable anti virus program

    - Defragment the disk

    - Uninstall the last program you last installed.

    If none of that works post two or three minidumps (crash reports),

    someone will look at them and may advise.

    The minidumps are in C:\\Windows\minidump\

    You may have to zip them if they`re bigger than 100kb.
  3. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    This is probaly a dumb question, but how old is the hard drive in question? Those couple of times that your computer did lock up where you trying to access the same files?
  4. Scolaire

    Scolaire TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    Thanks, and I would get right on those things, but I can't even get to the logon screen anymore. I'm writing this off of my laptop.

    It's a definite possibility. That hard drive is about two and a half years old, and I've been getting BSOD's for a while, seemingly at random.
    Thanks for the replies guys :) Anyone got any idea what that information it keeps giving me on startup means, or where I could find out?
    EDIT: Uh Oh. A little creative googling brought me right back here where it seems someone was having the same-ish problem. It looks like a common problem :(
    EDIT 2: Just found this helpful link which advises to make an ntfs boot disk on a floppy disk. I'll try that tomorrow. Ideas still greatly appreciated though :)
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