BSOD on Terminal Server

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Apr 17, 2007
  1. Can any one help......I need direction on this BSOD, it occurs once in a blue moon, it's a terminal server and it crashed again this morning. So I looked over this forum, downloaded the MEMORY.DMP file and used the windows debuggr and the symbols as indicated in another post in this forum (THANKS).

    Here is the debuglog.txt file attached that looks like it is the winlogon.exe due to a driver fault. I would think if it is a faulty driver, it is an ill behaved printer driver that is usually the cause. If so, any way with this data to see which one?

    Any help is greatly appreciated and the help I have gotten so far from this forum with the debugger and symbols has been huge!

  2. raybay

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    There isn't any reliable way to figger out which printer... how many do you have connected.
    What does your device manager report?
    It appears to be a memory error, so I would start there with Since it only appears intermittently, I would keep a few notes as to what is running. On a slow day, download and replace suspect device drivers.
    It can also easily be a defective device... instead of the driver.
  3. hfetom28

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    Memory Reply

    I will start with the Memroy, downing the box, reseat the chips, run the ram test util...etc...

    I have no directly attached printers, and the event logs were not helpfull at all. The server at the end of the day has about 100 drivers installed.

  4. raybay

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    For a server with that work load, it should have diagnostics as part of the operating system. Are you using 2003? That help should be available.
  5. hfetom28

    hfetom28 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, it is Server 2003
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