BSOD on windows boot.

By maspien
Dec 29, 2006
  1. I have a alienware laptop, with windows xp and i'm tired of trying to speak to people who can barely speak english.

    Every time windows starts to load I get a BSOD with the error code Page fault in a non page area. I can't even boot into safe mode or command prompt. I tried to reinstall windows, but it look like it is inspecting the hd after I load the HD controller and gives me the same bsod. I have 4 512 memory modules. I've taken them all out and tried each one in each slot. I just got a external HD and when I try to install windows to that from the laptop, it will just give me a BSOD when it reboots after the install, with the Hexa stop code. (Don't have it with me.)

    Any ideas on what could be causing it? My hd went bad about 2 months ago and had it replaced with a new one, also my warrenty just ended to so is this gonna be a paperweight now?
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