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BSOD: Page Fault Error during XP Driver Installation: Need Guidence on Minidump

By tianlian
Feb 27, 2006
  1. Brand new newbie to the forum - found it through googling "page fault in non pagefault error" so you guys made a good name for yourselves solving that particular problem :)

    Anyway on to my woes...

    I've got a 3 year old Medion Deskbrick that has been giving me heartache. The specs are:

    P4 2.66 on a generic brand mobo
    256 mb ram
    250 PSU (more details to follow regarding this PSU)
    160 GB HDD
    NEC 3520A Burner

    Thats the basic gist of the system. There used to be a video card, there used to be a sound card, there used to be a WinTV card but I removed all of those to try troubleshooting the problem.

    Now onto the details:
    1) Since there's no video card in, the integrated video card kicked in and is currently taking 32mb out of my 256 ram so my ram is detailed at 224 MBs during memtest.
    2) Memtest seems to think my ram is ok after 7 or so passes but based on what I've ready in these here forums, memtest LIES frequently.
    3) Originally I had a 250 PSU that was giving about 8A to the 12 rail....yea...you read right, 8A...needless to say, after trying to verify the ampage coming out with a voltmeter, the PSU quickly died and now I'm using a 250 backup PSU with a 18A 12 rail so everything should be fine in regards to the PSU for the barebone ness of my system.
    4) The harddrive used to have things in it...but in my desperation, I did what anyone who panics would do: I formatted both my C: and D: partitions.
    5) While trying to install Windows XP SP2, I get BSOD during the driver installation section of the set up after all the installation files have been copied onto the system.

    Now, I think 3 things can be the culprit:
    1) CPU
    2) MOBO
    3) RAM

    I've got no proof whatsoever and I'm really not sure how to access minidumps since windows no longer exists as a functional entity in my machine. So I would love to post 7 minidumps in hopes that one of you geniuses can crack it open and tell me why this machine's being so gae but unfortunately...restarting leads straight to WIN setup so I'm limited as to what I can do currently.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated though I won't be able to do anything until tomorrow night. I will check back frequently if any of you guys have questions or comments regarding my problem or what I've posted.



    edit: oops forgot to mention something about the blue screens. Sometimes I get no specific BSOD, sometimes I get page fault in non page fault area, sometimes I get IRQL?, sometimes I get a *.sys file error...I don't know, seems like all the flavors of the BSOD.
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