BSOD strangely without any LOG, help PLEASSEEEE!

By ttk_2k
Sep 26, 2006
  1. Hello friends,

    It's my first post here and don't know if anyone else has posted this question before, but after a search here however with no result, I decide to start a topic...

    Well, I am on my IBM Thinkpad T43 2668 Laptop, I've been with it for years without even once BSOD (Blue screen of death) untill yesterday, it happened twice. Because I had windows auto-reboot when having BSOD option on (now has been turned off), I couldn't read the error information. They happend once when I was using FlashGet, and another time when rebooting the system, just after the windows logo showed up. After that I wanted to see if there's any system error log in the Event Log, or in the c:\WINDOWS\Minidump, I could neither find anything in the Log nor a folder called Minidump on my entire HD, and I AM 100% SURE THAT THE "WRITE EVENT INTO THE SYSTEM LOG" AND the "Minidump" THING OPTIONED IN MY SYSTEM SETTINGS BY DEFAULT.

    So now I don't know how to debug and troubleshoot the strange BSOD happened yesterday. It has not happen today till now, but I'm afraid it will be happening again but also am really wish to find a way to discover what caused the BSOD yesterday! I scaned my PC with Kaspersky and Ewido with the latest virus database, and no virus found.

    Anyone could tell me if there is any other way to find out the information or log regard yesterday's BSOD? Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: sorry for my poor english..
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