BSOD strikes! WinXP Pro

By bazzanoid
Apr 17, 2007
  1. Morning all,

    Everything's been running all fine for months, no issues, no problems. Last night, i got a BSOD. I've not installed anything new, no new hardware, no driver updates, nothing. just decided to fall over itself. Windows starts, and generally within a few minutes or immediately at winlogon (depending how warm the computer is) it will BSOD with different errors each time. So far I have had these repeatedly:

    Page fault in non-paged area

    I'm thinking that since the error is different is each time it suggests a hardware fault - i know it's not the hard drives as i tried those by removing them individually from the system (i have a backup of my whole OS on one of the drives, providing two bootable volumes). Any thoughts what it might be so i can pinpoint the error without spending too much money :D
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    Can you post with attached minidump files?
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