BSoD Tried Everything PLEASE HELP

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Jul 20, 2006
  1. Hi there,

    Getting Non_paged fault BSoD 0x00000050 in ntfs.sys. I've done a chkdsk on the drive with no errors, used RAM check software and also reformatted the drive and installed all the latest drivers along with flashing the BIOS. I'm all out of options - I've a feeling its the Radeon PCI Graphics card, which isn't new and I haven't installed any new hardware. My worst fear is the L2 Cache on the processor which is an AMD Athlon 2800.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received, the system is a Compaq desktop S5500UK and is around 2 years old running XP Professional SP2
  2. fastco

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    DId you get that crash info from a minidump? If not zip up 3-5 minidumps from c:/windows/minidump and attach them to this thread. Minidumps might show some more data then just the ntfs.sys file.
  3. hnsexeter

    hnsexeter TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    no the data was just from the SoD. It mostly happens when on internet explorer and I have noticed that IE crashes sometimes too with a fatal error. Will follow up with more info in 24 hours - thanks very much for your reply
  4. Rick

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  5. hnsexeter

    hnsexeter TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    Thanks for the suggestion guys - problem solved, dodgy AGP ATI graphics card the PC came installed with. Swapped the AGP for a PCI nVidia and all seems well. I've a feeling it was the processor on the board
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