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Aug 15, 2006
  1. Using Windows XP Pro SP2, even after a clean install I receive many BlueScreens of death reporting fatal errors and resulting in a memorydump followed by a system reboot. After the reboot the system hangs at post script.

    Did (most of) the steps requested before posting minidumps, tested the laptop whitout several devices (like memorybanks, WLAN adapter, floppydrive) but nothing worked. Dell hardware diagnostics couldnt find anything either. I supose it is a hardware problem, but don't now which part is causing it. No driver errors in Windows Device manager (anymore). So I hope posting minidumps here will be part of the solution. Thanks in advance.

    ***I'm kind of a newbie on this forum, any missing crucial information will of course be provided!***

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    I took a look at your Dump files and three crash at Ntoskrnl.exe, this I am told may be a sign of failing /faulty /mismatched memory, I advise you to download memtest 86 from and let it pass at least 7 times, also test your PSU load using this free calculator here as this to can cause many a blue screen.
  3. ouwedibbes

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    Thank you, I will imply both your suggestions
  4. ouwedibbes

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    Passsed the memtest 16 times, no errors, seems okay. PSU load calculation seemed irrelevant, I should had mentioned it is a laptop, Dell C840, which works on different voltage (couldnt find my Videocard neither). What should I do next?

    I performed a hardware check with Everest (Home edition) an dit showed that my CPU went up to 67 degrees, while the sensor on my hdd reported 54 degrees celcius. (154 and 129 Fahrenheit). Seems pretty hot to me... Could this be the problem?
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    Try this

    I use it to keep my lappy cool.

  6. ouwedibbes

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    Do you think that my hardware problem will be solved with adjusted fan control software? I thought that a hardware problem was more complex and don't even know for sure it is too hot in there. The BSODs are random, and not necessary always when stressed or hot. But it might, just was curious what the minidump files would point out to be the source. Please let me know more about that information, its abracadabra to me what they could tell.
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    I posted the fan software as you mentioned that you thought it was running hot, if you can carry on posting your minidumps i'll keep looking until something pops up, as I said Ntoskrnl.exe errors are usually related to memory issues which is why i asked you to run memtest, as your memory has passed the tests then the fault may lie with a software or other hardware issue.

    Keep posting the dumps and i'll keep looking until we find an answer.

  8. ouwedibbes

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    still getting BSODs

    Someone fixed the DVD IDE connection, which wasn't connected correct, this could have caused some problems. But still the BSOD pops up on random intervals. This is my latest minidump file
  9. ouwedibbes

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    Switched to Firefox, because most of the BSOD showed up during internet browsing (with IE6). BSOD stays away, but could my switch be the solution? My minidump knowledge is very limited, can someone please tell me what they point out to be the problem (when I was working with IE)? I think it is a HDD problem.
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