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By Spank_1973
Apr 8, 2007
  1. 1st post, so I'll start by saying Hi guys (& happy Easter).

    Sorry if this has problem has been resolved b4, but I’m on dial up with this crappy old machine & it keep crashing when on line (disconnected to type this, will reconnect to post)

    Have just bought components to build new PC (see attach) + a WD Ide 250GB HDD (only 4 month old), using a g-15 keyboard & an mx1000 mouse.

    Everything is seen the bios & when the installation starts I have the choice of the Ide or SATA HDD to install on.

    Everything goes fine until it reboots, then it hangs for 20 mins (with a flashing cursor) & gives me a BSOD.

    It carries onto install Vista, letting me set up my names & password finally going to the desktop & giving a warning that it has recovered from a serious error, giving me the following message:


    (Sorry, don't know how to retrieve the mini dump)

    If you need more info plz say, If I take out the Vista DVD it wont boot up, but it will if I leave it in, although it won't read cd's DVD’s.
    Otherwise any help is very grateful.
  2. Spank_1973

    Spank_1973 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Managed to sort it myself (Ide drive was set to master)
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