BSODs Need Assistance

By Raidur
Oct 25, 2007
  1. Hello there and thanks in advance. I am getting an annoying bluescreen that I cannot seem to find the proper fixes for over google and need assistance! I was told before to try and remove norton completely (which I have) but only after these Blue Screens have happened. The first I believe they (my co-workers) said there was a random BS, and then 3 others happened during startup, all in a row. So they let the computer sit for about an hour and retried with a successful boot, which might point to overheating? I've done spybot/adaware/comodoAV scans with no help. The computer is burried in a cash register so I'd like to do a mem-test as a last resort (unless of course the blue screens point to that then I'll do it right away).

    Thanks again!

    PS: Minis attatched.

    PSS: Will post any new minis that happen after I Completely removed Norton.

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  2. Route44

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    Minidumps 1 & 3 point to Ntfs.sys driver which is part of the Windows OS.

    See this link for more information:

    Minidump 2 points to kbdhid.sys which belongs to Windows keyboard configuration file.

    Minidump 4 points to cavasm.sys which is a driver for the Comodo firewall

    I suggest:

    1. Go to Comodo firewall forums and see what they suggest as a way to rectify your issue. Perhapsd this will take care of your other BSODs.

    2. You may very well need to do a repair via your Windows disk.
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