BT Voyager 2100 - not ready to connect to broadband

By Richard123 · 4 replies
Nov 22, 2005
  1. My connection to the internet is getting increasingly worse

    On the voyager home page the status shows - handshaking, training?

    I get a connection, it lasts for hours, then other days I cannot get one. BT say there is no problem with the line, Wanadoo say there is not problem with my service, I have checked all the filters (unless all 3 have gone faulty together)

    I am stumped, can anyone help
  2. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

    Have you looked for line stats in the modem? What speed are you connecting at? What speed are you syncing at?
  3. John Staerck

    John Staerck TS Rookie

    After a year uninterrupted service I started getting this type of problem in October 2005. When it occurs some pages will load one minute but not the next. It seemed to start after updating the Voyager firmware on BT's recommendation to fix a problem caused by the iTunes software. My ISP is BT and they say there is no problem with the line or their service. They had me check the following settings

    control panel>internet options>connections> - make sure “Never Dial A Connection” is checked

    control panel>internet options>connections>LAN settings - make sure “Automatically detect settings” is checked

    I see the problem even when the 2100 passes all it's diagnostics. Their latest advice is to remove power from the 2100 for 3 minutes. That fixed the problem today, but I am not confident it won't return.

    Good Luck
  4. markhamn

    markhamn TS Rookie

    Long Line

    I have the same problem too.

    We waiting for years for broadband to come to our area when it finally did freeserve come wanadoo come orange said you can now get 512kbs broadband.

    However this was not so good. We are located about 3km either way from two different exchanges, so a BT engineer has told me that i have something regarded as a long line. If you encoutner this problem too you will find you can only access broadband late at night or sometimes at the weekend. The problem will get even worse with the increasing amount of broadband users effectively pushing us off the line.

    I believe you may need to enquire about SDSL which will not drop the line at slow speeds like ADSL does.

    (I started typing this at 9am this morning its now 10pm and my connection has only just returned.)
  5. markhamn

    markhamn TS Rookie

    Unfortunate for some


    After looking into this problem it is clear now that firmware restricts the connection strangly at peek time. In the dead of night I find I can connect. There is something i cannot explain yet but I have found a resolve.

    I upgraded my firmware when my conenction wasreally tempremental this will make you router/modem ISP restricted(eg only can conenct with BT broadband). My advise would be to not upgrade firmware or if you already have (like me) then switch back to the one provided by your ISP.

    Still does not explain why sometimes I can get connected somes for a few hours in the early hours of some mornings.

    Anyone got any views on thisor suggestions then please email

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