Buffer Overrun Detected when trying to run Star Wars: Battlefront

By pest4422 ยท 6 replies
Mar 20, 2005
  1. When i try to load Star Wars: Battlefront i get the following error message during the loading screen:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Buffer Overrun Detected!

    Program:...star Wars Battlefront\Gamedata\Battlefront.exe
    A Buffer Overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.

    I have run adaware and spybot in safe mode and deleted all the files it finds. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the game about 3 times with the same result. I'll attach a copy of my hijack this log.

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  2. fishhookz

    fishhookz TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Are you overclocking the pc?

    does your pc meet or exceed the sys. req.?
  3. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    What is your computer name?
  4. pest4422

    pest4422 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    PC Name?

    Why would you want to know my pc name?

    Anyway, i ran my antivirus software and reinstalled the game and it is working now.

    Thanks for the answers though. :)
  5. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    Because I found an article stating that if you use a long name (31+ characters), it can cause the problem you were having.
  6. crowman121

    crowman121 TS Rookie


    ye it keeps happening to me aswell ive installed my game around 10 times now and i still havnt got it working buffer overrun thingy and i tried a virus scan then installing again but it still wont work!!!!! and my pc meets all rtequirements aswell
  7. 916dave

    916dave TS Rookie

    this same thing is happening to me. Ive run my virus scan (mcafee) and have also run adaware & spybot. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times, then deleting any folders left over. Any other ideas?
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