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Apr 26, 2006
  1. This was a very frequent problem, but now it only seems to be while i play world of warcraft and i have my logitech mouse connected, however it happened a few moments ago for first time in about 3 weeks without the mouse plugged in ( stays unplugged unless im playing games).

    hp pavillion dv5000 laptop
    amd turion 64
    Xp media center edition
    ati xpress 200

    Bios is updated, im using sp2 service pack and as far as i can tell i have all updated drivers, but the river for my PC card for verizion broadband i cannont find out if its highest version.

    thanks for any help

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  2. cpc2004

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  3. connerwayne

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    I had this problem too!

    Check out my thread for this problem... It can be a tricky one, but I think the culprit is my ATI xpress chipset drivers... im not going to install that stupid web cam to test that theory though!

  4. connerwayne

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  5. hoggardusn

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    right now im not completely sure its a bucode error anymore, everytime i get the crash the blue screen is squashed and cant read it, also after it reboots its not giving me an error report.

    I'm almost thinking this may be a over heating issue , but im not sure how to check the temp on my comp, id be willing to shell out a few $ for on of the stands that have fans for laptops.
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