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Nov 28, 2007
  1. I was thinking of building a case something that would stand out. Im going to build all of it except maybe mobo board. Anyone have any ideas of how I should build and with what.

  2. Rik

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  3. guitto

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    im using a mozart TX thermaltake case. anyone have any ideas for that? i really can't think of any
  4. Computer~freak~

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    well i can think of plenty of things to make that case stand out but im not sure what you mean by build do u mean like serious moding as in cuttinf holes in it or just like little add ons like blue lights and cool fans ect
  5. Rik

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  6. guitto

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    C-Freak, Im open to anything, from cutting the case in half and glueing the opposite sides together to cutting a window on the top. The case can hold 11 120mm's, and the front is a brushed alum. that I couldnt replicate the finish of, so im not going to mess with that unless i replace the entire face plate with something new. the sides have pre-fabbed windows ( 4 total ) that I was thinking of doing something to, but the case is 28x14x13, very odd dimensions. I was thinking of putting in 2 dual 120m radiators, so thats why i got all the room, but the cooling i have now isnt too bad. I really like your top window, maybe something like that. Hard to do with a dremel, also what did you do about the finish? did you get many scratches?
  7. Rik

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    The whole case is brushed ally. I used a lot of masking tape and did the cutting from the inside as much as possible.

    What you need to do is decide what you want to achive and then come up with a plan of action really.
  8. Stick'o ram

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    I always wanted to get one of those plexi glass cases, (you know the ones that you have to put together) and lining the inside with UV reactive material, then putting a couple of lamps inside. Or even better a kind of glass or plastic that reacts with UV lights, maybe the kind they use for fans.
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  10. RedFox911

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  11. Computer~freak~

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    well if u wanna put a rad juss go with this bad boy its the MagiCool XTREME Nova 1080 Radiator it holds 9 120mm fans i belive i think it would fit in your case if u use it as the roof of your case u can make a giant hole in your case and use this rad heres a link:
  12. RedFox911

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    Dam! that is huge
  13. Computer~freak~

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    any updates on the building status???maybe even pics????
  14. geos

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    u want to do something that stands out? do one like the first computer, if i'm not wrong it was 2 rooms big? that would stand out, lol! :D
  15. guitto

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    Been busy this week, going to install two 120mm fans on the side, ill post pics when im done. I was thinking of putting a plexi glass window on the top, but im not sure how I would securely fasten the window to the top. Its about a 10x9 '' area and no pre-fabbed window kits come in that size, or from what ive seen. Im going to a store today to get some specifics.
  16. guitto

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    Update: I figured the Mozart was too big so I bought a 4 year old mini tower. I overlooked the fact of it being steel and so I was wondering what you guys suggest to cut through it. I have a 7.4 v dremel
  17. guitto

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    On the modding note, when using water cooling, does anyone prefer barbs over compression fittings or a certain tube size? Ive never dealt with this before and I dont want to mess up and have it leak in a year.
  18. mailpup

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    If you are cutting a round hole in sheet metal, I would use a bimetal hole saw. For that you need a 3/8" drill.
  19. technicalfury42

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    If you put some stickers on the side, I hear you get an extra 40Mhz out of all dual and quad CPUS!!!!!!
  20. captaincranky

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    Say What.......?

    Not to mention any CPU will run 5 to 10C cooler, (depending on the decal), and XP will never crash.
  21. Cinders

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    guitto 1/2" inner diameter tubing is the over-clocker's standard size. Many people use thick walled 3/4" outer diameter tubing that makes the tubing look bigger than it actually is and kinks less than the thinner walled tubing. Most if not all compression fittings will not fit the outer diameter of the larger tubing, but I guess it's possible if you mod the fitting.
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