Building a comp-give suggestions

By ripken204
Feb 20, 2005
  1. vnf4ultra

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    Retail processors come with a heatsink, so you don't need another unless you want to overclock or want it more quiet. Your board looks nice, you may want a gig of ram, but I know, ddr2 is expensive. What are you going to use this computer for, a media center, gaming rig, multimedia, dvd burning? The x600 isn't the best for gaming, still decent, but a x700 pro would be a lot better.,1558,1762738,00.asp
  2. ripken204

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    i picked the proccesor b/c it was the cheapest i could find one, the heatsink that comes with it i wont need. yes ddr2 is expensive, vry expensive and when i have the $ ill get more, im tryng to keep my buget close to $1000, and i wont be playing too many games for now, ill get a better card in the future but i do want to be able to record tv and stuff like that so thats why im going with the x600 AIW.
  3. vnf4ultra

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    new build

    Ok, good job, you seem like you know what you want and what will suit your needs and still stay in your price range. For what you are doing, that seems like a good overall choice.
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