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Aug 21, 2006
  1. As maybe some of you may know from the one other post I made, I'm on a crusade to build a system that'll be able to play Oblivion with the works. So my question of the hour is: How will the following fare against this monster?

    The Case:

    -Rosewill Black and Silver Mid-Tower Case

    The Mobo:
    -ASUS P5LD2 Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 945P ATX Intel Motherboard

    The Processor
    -Intel Pentium 4 531 Prescott 800MHz FSB 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor

    The RAM
    CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB RAM (Will Upgrade W/ Another Stick Later)

    The Video Card
    -eVGA 256-P2-N554-AX Geforce 7600GT

    I'll probably change the mobo and cpu for something more sensible if it won't do the job. I already have a suggestion or two for something else, but for now, I'm keeping it. Any nay-sayers?
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  3. Floatcode1

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  4. dmill89

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    If cost is an issue here's a cheaper way of going to a core 2 duo

    or a little faster
    or faster and 4mb L2 cache



    If you want an asus board It'll cost a little more

  5. dmill89

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  6. sw123

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    Actually, his system looks ok. If he wants to play games, it's perfect. Would you like steps on building it?
  7. dmill89

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    The prescott core is outdated and a substitute for a space heater (I know I have one (P4 3.4 ghz EE) unfortuinately) and it can raise the room temp by 10F when running at 100%. I would recomend a core2 duo If he wants a dual core cpu or an AMD Athlon 64 If he wants to stick with single core.
  8. sw123

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    Well, ok a new processor, but dont get an AMD, it's probably incompatible.
  9. Superinc

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    core 2 duo is a better choice.
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    Oblivion is an extremely demanding game. It's capable of devouring whatever hardware you throw at it. Not even an X6800 with a pair of 7950GX2s can play it at native resolution on a 30" Widescreen with full eyecandy. Hopefully you're not expecting to do this for under $600?
    This is a really bad time to upgrade - If you can wait 6 mos:
    Gigabyte 965P-DS3
    G.Skill DDR2 6400 2x1G
    All of these prices should drop significantly by March 2007.
    Add an AC Freezer 7 Pro HSF if you want to OC the E6300

    If you cant wait:

    Go with the AMD X2 3800+ AM2 (OC's very well).
    Use an AC Freezer 64.
    The ASUS M2N-E GF 570 Ultra MB should work well - just choose your RAM well and be prepared to choose 1 step lower divider on it that it's rated for (you'll make it up on the OC).
    keep the 7600GT KO - a lot of GPU for the money.
    Get the most RAM you can afford - you will want a 2x1G kit as Oblivion's performance will suffer otherwise. Might I suggest:

    Either way you'll want an OCers MB & HSF 'cuz you'll be wanting to push the processor hard.

    The case is one place you can cut a corner as long as you're not schlepping it to the lan parties - just be sure to have plenty of airflow & a stable PSU. You can even pick up a good one for almost nothing at the local computer salvage store if you're really strapped & mod it for 120mm fans. Shoot for something like this PSU:

    May as well take advantage of AMD's value pricing if you're putting together a value system. There are times when bucking the trend makes great sense. If you ignore the high end of both the Intel & AMD lines as being totally unaffordable, AMD gives you more power for the money. IMHO, that will only be true until Q1 2007.
    Add some fans and this HDD
    that's a lot of computer for $800.
    I've shared the cart on newegg. Search for "Oblivion on the cheap"

  11. Floatcode1

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    Wow, thanks for all the support! I needed these kind of pointers, and I'm really getting an idea of what I'm going for. Thanks.
  12. Floatcode1

    Floatcode1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SO, by combining some very wise suggestions from above, I'd like to know how this revamped set-up would work.

    Cooler Master Black Aluminum ATX Mid-Tower
    FSP Group PCI Express 400W Power Supply
    ASUS Socket AM2 ATX AMD Moterboard
    AMD Athlon 64 3800 Socket AM2 Dual Core Processor
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro Cooling Fan w/ Heatsink
    G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 RAM
    eVGA Geforce 7600GT KO 256MB PCI Express V. Card

    For me, this has the perfect performance-to-price ratio, as long as it all works together.

    And if it does all work together, are there any other fans or cooling devices I should throw in?
  13. dmill89

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    That case has all the fans you need (except for cpu) 1 80mm in front for the HDD and a 120 mm exhust fan. I like your choice of case. That case also has filters on the front pannel to reduce dust. That case has a side air duct allowing cool air to the CPU because of this I recomend a different CPU cooler so you can take advantage of that duct.

    This CPU cooler should work and It's all copper so It should offer exelent cooling

    this is also good but has less heat pipes

    this one should also work but it has no heatpipes so it will likely run a little hoter but it is all copper

    This one cools supriseingly well considering it's low price (Keeps the Athlon 64 3200+ in my server at 32C idle and 36C under a full load)

    And get some Artic Silver thermal Paste
  14. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    A very nice system indeed. Especially when taking the total price into consideration. Good job Floatcode1. :grinthumb
  15. mailpup

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    What about a hard drive and optical drives?
  16. Floatcode1

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    Not a problem-- I'm scrapping an older system, and sticking the hard drive (which has more than enough space-- 160GB) and optical drives into the new one.
  17. YosefM

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    Good choices

    I like that case & the psu should be plenty as long as you dont try for a massive OC or upgrade to a very hungry vid card. FSP makes very good PSUs.
    I would put a fan in the side duct.
    I hope that HDD is SATA or you only have 1 optical. Otherwise you'll want to either add a PCI IDE card @ approx $30 or a SATA HDD @ approx $80.
    Should be no compatibility issues in that system.

    I still like an E6300 system, but:
    1) Intel has yet to solve its supply problems keeping the price artificially high.
    2) None of the MBs listing under $180 have been around for > 90 days (my guideline for making sure the BIOS is stable).
    3) Comparatively limited chipset support - this should change in the next month.
    So, the only danger in buying now is possible buyer's remorse/system envy when the post-xmas & new years sales come around :D . I do feel confident that your choices will let you drop in whatever Conroe-killer AMD retaliates with when they go to the .65nm process.

    Now go build it :grinthumb
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    But no sane person would try to play oblivion on a 30" widescreen native resoulution on full settings. A single 7900GTX could probably handle it on full settings at 12x10 as long as the processor was fast enough.
  19. YosefM

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    Quite So

    I heartily agree. We should all bear in mind that most video card reviewers are quite mad - LOL. I was referring some to recent reviews of highest end cards where they attempted to do just that. They did not get playable frame rates on the outdoor scenes. On a more sane note, this comparison from Toms's Hardware is pretty good:

    Choosing the "best" product is not nearly so important as choosing one that's "good enough" for you. Beyond that point, you throw more & more money at performance gains that are increasingly less relevant to your purpose.
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