Overclocking Building a PC complete parts list help.

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Hello I'm thinking about building my first PC (very slowly)
Im going to stick the pc I have now in a new case and add a new power supply then over time I will get a new mobo processor etc.

So I made a list of items you need to build a PC.
Please tell me if I missed anything (That is kind of the point of this post)

1.Computer Case
4.DVD/CD Drives
5.Ram (Ram sinks optional)
6.A Monitor
8.A OS
9.A Heatsink fan
10.Hard drive
11.Power supply
12.Video card
13.Sound Card
14.Rear exhaust fan
15.A Fan or two inside + Grills (depending on your case)
16.A HDD Fan (optional)
17.wired or wireless ethernet card
18.A Round Ide cable to hook to the hard drive
19.another Ide cable to hook up the DVD/CD Drives
20.Floppy drive + Ide cable (optional)
(I don't understand SATA I did not get that far yet)

21.Fan controller (optional)
22.Lights (optional)

Do I need to buy a heatsink or does that come on the Mobo?
Thank you Please tell me what's missing.
Heatsink and fan come with the processor but you can buy better ones that are sometimes quieter and better for cooling. I'd prefer SATA drives instead of IDE.


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just something little to add: make sure that the ide's are long enough, and that you have enough screws, and spacers to lift mobo from case chasis.

simple things, but if you don't get these with the parts, they can be easily overlooked.


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List Too Long, Me shorten, By The Numbers

7. Mouse & Keyboard (buy as a set)
11. Power Supply, (comes with many cases)USUALLY: good brand case=good brand power supply
12 &13. Some motherboards come with onboard video & audio (to get you started) yet can support add-in Video & Audio Cards.
14. Rear Exhaust Fan, Almost always comes with the case.
17. Ethernet (LAN) is only a driver (software install on many motherboards) driver software supplied w/ motherboard.
18,19 &20, Most RETAIL motherboards come with most necessary cables.(OEM motherboard packages do not)
20. Cont'd, Don't buy any Hard Drives except SATA. There's nothing to understand, you just plug them in.
21. Fan Controller: Intel & Other motherboards have fan headers to control the system fans. I'm not saying you definitely won't need one, just probably not.
Hit this Web Site: http://www.pcguide.com/byop/index.htm Some of the material is dated, but very worthwhile.


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Something to consider is buying a MoBo/CPU bundle without a CPU fan, buy a
compatable Cooler and find one that is 20db noise level or less, there is some
value buys out there, Also think about your Power Supply and what kind of graphics card you want, check the amp output on your rails and size your powersupply for future growth.
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