building a pc i have parts what else do i need??

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Apr 3, 2005
  1. ok this is what i have so far a Hitachi GD-2500 5x24x IDE DVD-ROM Drive ,INTEL P4 3.0GHz CPU 478PINS 800MHZ 3GHZ 1MB HT, INTEL SOCKET 478 ALI 868Pro P4 3.2GHZ HT DDR400 LAN, IBM Deskstar 20.5GB Hard Drive,an asylum geforce 5200 fx 256mb,a nice case with window/Support Main Board Type: ATX/ Micro ATX
    Disk Drive Bays: 5x5.25" + 5x3.5"
    Cooling Fan: 1 Clear Fan on Chassis
    Cable: Tube Wrapped Power Cable
    Expansion slot: 7
    Connectors: 8 Peripheral & 2 Floppy Connector
    Size and package
    Case Dimension(DxWxH): 490x200x430mm comes with 350 watt
    but i am buying a 550 watt also got neons and uv stuff. i know i need a heatsink and ram but i need to know what ram would go best with theses items also if i didnt say anything could you mention what else i would need thank you. ps i need a cd rom to.
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    Personally and experience I would not use that board at all I would go with Asus.MSI DFI or even Chaintech Do a search on newegg for a board .The board you picked is real cheap and you get what you pay for remember the motherboard should be as good as the cpu you place in there and a good motherboard will last a lot longer and give you better overall proformance .ALso go with a good brand name power supply like Thermotake OCZ Antech to name a few jsut becuse the powersupply says 550w dont mean it is this all has to do with effiecenty.. As for your ram any brand Kingston ,Cosiar OCZ Geial all very good brands.
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    I'm not sure how much ram you want/need, but the corsair valueselect 1gb kit is $91 us and is good ram.
    If you want 512mb, then the geil kit is a good price.

    I think the tagan 480w psu is good for the price.

    I think this is a better motherboard, but it will cost more.
    Here's a cheaper one, it looks ok.

    What is the intended use for this system? If you have any gaming in mind, you may need a better graphics card.

    Btw: why do you need a cd drive? If you're getting a dvd drive it can play cd's too.
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    Just be careful. Certain types of ASUS motherboard are not compatible with certain models of Kingston PC3200 memory. I learned about it the hard way--after a month worth of troubleshooting and yanking out my memories (and hair) over and over again.

    Check with Kingston website before you order your memory. Or, you can always get a Corsair memory and don't worry about this issue at all.
  5. zephead

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    i think it's safe to say that the intel d865perl board has the best features and performance for a socket 478 platform. it has sufficient overclocking options as well. get good ram and play with the timings and the thing will fly...
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