Building Something New From Something Old

By LxTrix
Feb 4, 2007
  1. Emachines T4165

    System Specs
    Type of system: Desktops/Servers
    Bus Architecture: PCI/AGP
    Hard Drive Bus: EIDE
    Native OS: Windows XP Home
    CPU Type: 1.6GHz Intel Pentium 4

    Memory Specs
    Standard Memory: 256 MB (removable)
    Maximum Memory: 2 GB
    Memory Expansion: 2 sockets
    Memory Comments: PC100/PC133 SDRAM Modules

    It has a CD/RW and a DVD drive. The graphics card is a nVidia TNT2 64mb.It also has a 60gb hard drive.

    Thats my old comkputer. It got fried so i assume it took out the motherboard and power supply. I have $400 to spend on a new system and i could use parts from my old one, maybe the cd r/w, dvd drive, and hard drive. So i would need a new motherboard, cpu, power supply, maybe case, more ram definately, and maybe a graphics card if there isn't built in graphics. I prety much want the most for the money with it being upgradeable in the future. Any help is very much appreciated.
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