built new pc for xp..help

By eightwpm
Jan 17, 2007
  1. i had this post in mobo,bios section ,no help.here is my question;wanted to upgrade kids pc 4 xmas.Ok,tower from my garage,bought new biostar geforce 6100 m9 mobo with athlon64 939 socket/ht 2g.Also put in a sesgate barracuda 120gb hd. cpu is 2.0 3200+.Now i have 1 stick 256/333 ram(installed) installed older ricoh cd-rom,with gen. floppy.So after xmas comes around I have the notion to Just take his old hd(from a hp a305w pavillion)and install it into new pc. Wrong!!!! booted it up,started loading xp1 home. get to the registration part and kapow,wont authorize key code.go thru the whole bit with microsoft on line and the phone to no avail. Ok,got a new copy of xp1 home put in cd and nothing,doesnt do anything,no light on cd-rom wont even spin. made a boot disk from his hp,thinking that the codes from mobo and hd match,still nothing. Ok,pc boots up, i get to bios ,have cd first,floppy second, hd third,lba for hd enabeled.i get the initial boot screen as far as reading configuration setup for hardware,press f1 to continue then"disk boot failure,insert system disk,press enter.end please help,,,lost in garage with no where to go.
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    built pc for xp.

    well tech techs.finally a resolved issue.Moral of this story,check hardware for compatibility...My problem ends with replaced cd-rom.thats it!!!! got advice from mobo support tech,crazy, stll didnt boot,so I start to think,change cd-rom you big DUMMY. alas,thanks for letting me take out my FRUSTRATION here. avid forum reader,eightwpm.
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