Bundle: i5 4570, MSI Z87 Gaming, HDD, 2133 Ram! $479.99

By GhostRyder
Oct 17, 2013
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  1. Hey I saw this deal on newegg this morning for $489.99 with an extra $10 dollar rebate.

    That's a pretty good deal, though it contains the locked version if the Haswell i5, you can do some minor overclocking on a z87 board if you wish, or you have a great computer running at stock with plenty of room for a sweet GPU/Upgrades later.

    i5 4570
    Gskill Sniper 2133 Ram 2x4gb (8gb Total) (Overkill gamer ram)
    Western Digital 7200RPM 1tb, 64mb Cache Black Edition (Good Drive!)
    MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Board, One of the most fantastic looking and well built boards for the price! Can support 2 way SLI or 3 way CFX (Contains 3 PCIE-3.0, but will run with one GPU 16x,4x,4x or with 2 or 3 GPU 8x,8x,4x, though I would still only go with 2 way CFX/SLI personally)

    If your looking for a medium-upper end gaming rig and don't plan on severe overclocking the chip, then this will be the set for you!

    It ends Tonight October 17 at Midnight, so get em while they are hot!
  2. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    That is a good deal.

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