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Bungie publishes 'Destiny 2' reveal trailer, confirms PC launch and more

By Shawn Knight ยท 5 replies
Mar 30, 2017
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  1. Bungie as promised on Thursday published the worldwide reveal trailer for Destiny 2. There’s also good news on the PC front for fans of the franchise but we’ll get to that in a moment.

    The Destiny 2 reveal trailer showcases Cayde-6 and Commander Zavala attempting to “Rally the Troops” in their own unique way ahead of what promises to be a hell of a battle. From the game’s official description:

    Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the city’s Guardians of their power and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite humanity’s scattered heroes, stand together and fight back to reclaim our home.

    A proper gameplay trailer is coming on May 18, we’re told.

    Destiny 2 arrives on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 8 and is being offered in a variety of flavors including a Collector’s Edition ($249.99) bundled with a customizable Frontier Bag and SteelBook case as well as a Limited Edition ($99.99) that grants access to two expansion packs. The base game, meanwhile, will set you back $59.99.

    Those that pre-order Destiny 2 will get beta early access. According to Bungie’s DeeJ BNG (via Twitter), the beta will go live sometime this summer.

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  2. Will suspend judgement until proper gameplay trailer is revealed. Destiny 1 was a chopped up concept demo that took more than two years to reach its "complete" form. Maybe they're going a different way this time and will deliver a robust experience on day one.
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  3. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,050   +1,384

    Judging from the trailer, "oh and there will be lots of LOOOOOOOT" im gonna remain skeptical, the only thing im liking so far is the quality of nathan fillions voice acting.

    Its worth noting that various people said that a year before launch the game was completely rehashed in a rush, presumably because some activision people didnt think it was a big enough cash cow.

    I still remember what destiny was initially promised to be, so seeing it go in this comic direction which so far doesnt seem to have any seriousness behind the narrative is obnoxious.

    also dont forget the content that will be playstation exclusive for "at least" a year!
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    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,717   +804

    Well... at least they are thinking of PC this time. I will certainly consider this game. That being said though I don't much care for these cut-scene type trailers. Doesn't do anything for me, show me some real game footage damn it.
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  5. Destiny, especially expansion pack Destiny, reeks of having been shredded to bits so that it could be resold in monetized pieces. At no point in that game do you ever shake the feeling of a well-meaning developer's vision being snatched away and neutered by a sociopathic suit with a bonus on the line.
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  6. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 867   +73

    The game is huge with lots to do. Right now theres all the old raids to do again, all scaled to the current maximum level. The gunplay feels just right, the choice of weapons is vast, the special abilities allow plenty of customisation. Yes it was a beta when first released and was nothing like Halo - rubbish story and no couch coop. The first couple of "expansions" were tiny and cost too much but weren't any more than a COD map pack. The last 2 expansions have been much better and I know people who have put in hundreds of hours playing it. You don't get that from a game with nothing to offer. The new one might suck and might flop on PC if they don't control the hackers. No trading will help get rid of farmers. Peer to peer multiplayer might suck. But hopefully it will have larger areas without having to scale for the 360 and PS3.

    I wouldn't write it off is what I am saying. There was a lot wrong with Destiny but they got a lot of stuff right and people played it a lot.

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