Burning a TV season onto DVDs

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Apr 24, 2007
  1. I have a season of ANTM on my pc and want to burn it onto a dvd how would I go about this (I know how to burn dvds, I normally use Nero Vision, but that's when it's a single movie or something). How would I combine multiple episodes onto a couple of DVDs? I know I'll have to use more than one most likely, but how can I go about this?
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    I'm using Nero 6 and there is a program that allows you to put movie clips, no matter how long they are together in one file. Or one movie i suppose I should say.
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    See your Nero 6 Users Guide.It has many features besides burning disks.
    Start menu/Programs/Nero
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    I have Nero 7 Premium
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    It Depends......,

    what format the "clips" (shows) were saved in will determine which Nero application you should use. If the files are VIDEO_TS (standard DVD-Video files) Nero Recode would compress and burn them to a DVD-Video disc compatible with standalone DVD player. (Albeit with no menu, an "auto-play" disc. Other formats would require Nero Vision Express. Nero Vision Express (I have Ver. 6.6) is the worst video editing app I have ever seen. the clip trimming functions are horrific. Anyway, here's a good link to video information; http://www.videohelp.com/ It's probably a cop out but I make DVDs of off air television with a standalone DVD recorder in DVD-Video mode, taking my chances, editing out the commercials as I go . Most of the video capture devices are only fair, and any second transcoding carries with it a loss of quality. The short answer here you really didn't supply enough info for us to help you more. This post is probably more of a software issue than hardware, so you might consider transferring it to that forum. It's only a hardware issue in the choice of a capture device.
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