Burning avi's to VCD

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Oct 14, 2002
  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct board to be posting this topic, but here goes. I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to burning video files to a disc to watch on my DVD player(which also plays VCD format, as well as mp3's). What is the software utility that is used to do this? I have a few video files that I want to watch on my player, but they are currently in avi-format. How do I convert them?
  2. RustyZip

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    Have a butchers at the following website:-


    It goes into great detail what software to use, and gives detailed tutorials and guides to convert different formats of movies...

    Hope this helps...
  3. Goofy Newfie

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    vcd help

    Thanks for the reply. I am checking it out now, and so far it looks like it will be very helpful. I'll post back here to let you know my results.
  4. MrGaribaldi

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    Re: vcd help

    Alternately, use Nero 5.5 and the SVCD plugin...

    It'll convert most formats to SVCD and burn...

    IMO it's the easiest way to do it...
    But you might get a wee better result by doing it with specialized programs... And it'll be cheaper since you won't have to buy Nero...

  5. Goofy Newfie

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    While the process is quite slow, I have used TMPGENC to convert both avi's and asf's with good results. I have Nero 5.0 and it worked pretty well. I am not familiar with SVCD plug-ins for Nero; could you elaborate for me a little? Thanks for the info.:)
  6. MrGaribaldi

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    To take it straight from the horses mouth:

    To read the rest, check here...

    It costs 16$ which isn't what I'd call very expensive...

    Though this bit puzzles me...
  7. LNCPapa

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    Yes Mr.G - I bought the plugin with the newest version of Nero - you can't create a VCD or SVCD on a DVD using this plugin - you'll have to create a CVD (easiest with DVD2SVCD) to do so.

  8. RustyZip

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    I've had a lot of problems with Nero decoding to a VCD format (PAL) , even with the plug-in.. Either the result is colour ok but no sound, or black & white with sound.....same happened in TMPGenc...

    Confuses me... after trashing the house in anger i gave up on the whole subject:blackeye:
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