burning avi's without converting first

By keen-an
Jul 28, 2006
  1. Hello world

    I'm a novice at all this dvd lark, so please forgive the (possible) obvious questions. My DVD player recognises DivX files. I have DivX files on the PC I want to burn onto disc so I can watch them on the stand alone DVD player.All the programmes I have tried to use to do this either wont recognise the file, or wants to convert it first.

    Question: do I need to convert it as the DVD player recognises them? Wouldn't converting them take ages to do and degrade the quality? What can I use to burn in DivX format on the DVD?

    I have tried Nero, Nerovision, DVD Santa and Copy to DVD. If any of these do the job, could you tell me were I am going wrong.
    Many thanks
  2. SNGX1275

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    Use Nero, but don't make it a dvd video, just make it a regular data dvd. Then drag and drop the avi files over. Burn.

    I do this all the time on DVD-RW disks so I can watch divx on my tv.
  3. keen-an

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    What a star!! Thank you ever so much. I'll give it a bash
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