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Burning question regarding hard drive performance and overclocking

By schleeb
Feb 26, 2005
  1. My first post so I hope everyone cuts me some slack... I read the overcloking prerequisites and I know the answers to the five basic overclocking questions... so I presume I qualify.

    Anyway here goes...

    I have an ASUS A7N266E MOBO currently running an Athlon XP 2100+ and it does OK. I happen to come in possession of an Athlon XP-M 266 2400+, a low power (35W 1.35V) version that I was going to use in a laptop ugrade project. (Actually worked quite well but that's another story...) Decided to sell the laptop and buy a new one instead so I figured I'd stick the XP-M in in my desktop. Not too familiar with the XP-M other than it's supposed to be a good overclocker and operates well at low voltages.

    Well I swapped out my 2100+ for the XP-M 2400+. Set the bus speed in BIOS to the required 133/33 setting and the multiplier to the lowest setting of 6.5X and started benchmarking with SiSoft Sandra 2005 using the combined system benchmark. All goes well while upping the multiplier and once i reached a multiplier of about 9.5X it pretty well matched the 2100+ in performance, except for the file system benchmark. It was abysmal, like 20% of what I was getting with the 2100+. Kept upping the multiplier to 11X... all the performance benchmarks continue to climb with the exception of the file system benchmark. It's benching at 3192... down from 49576 with the 2100+. So why the big drop off in file system benchmarking? I guess I don't know exactly what is being affected (besides the hard drives obviously....) Is there any way to remedy this or is the XP-M just not happy with this motherboard? I'm running a CPU core voltage of 1.7 volts by the way, which is my lowest available setting.
  2. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    I'm not an AMD guy but since no one else is chiming in I'll give it a shot here. My first day here posting so cut me some slack <g> The XP-M 2400 is supposed to be a 2 GHz processor right? If the FSB is 266, then the core clock is 133. If you are just changing the multiplier and not the front side bus, then a multiplier of 11x times the core clock of 133MHz will give you a frequency of just over 1.4GHz. Your processor is running at 75%. That's why your benchmarks are low. The stock clock would need a multiplier of 15x to get to the 2GHz rating. You need to be raising the multiplier and the front side bus. Some people are getting to 12x 208mhz with a voltage push and good cooling. Your temp will also be affected by the wattage. I believe that CPU came with a 35W and 45W version. The lower wattage would equate to lower temps. But you have to ease them up one then the other. Take your time. And remember to lock your AGP/PCI frequencies at 66 and 33 or you'll get unstable. Also as you push the FSB you are also overclocking your memory. You may have to raise your memory timings and DIMM voltage. If you have a CLK Spread Spectrum setting in your BIOS disable it. Check this out. It's a couple years old but the facts are still relevant.

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