Burnt section on soltek SL-KT400-C...any thoughts?

By six
Jan 14, 2006
  1. i have a soltek SL 75FRV (SL-KT400-C).

    i had been having some problems with rebooting which are currently worked out, but today i pulled the pc apart to give the cpu a clean and apply some thermal paste to combat some heat issues and noticed a burnt out section on the board.

    i was wondering if anyone might have a link to a detailed schematic that details every part of the board and what it does, or possibly look at the picture i've posted to try and get an idea of what it might be.

    i got the best picture off the net i could and the diagrams at soltek itself are not detailed for what i need.

    i also have no camera to take a photo of my board.

    currently my pc is working fine with recent format and updated drivers but i haven't pushed its capabilities yet to what i was doing with it when i started having problems pre-format. is this burnt out area something to be concerned about?

    thank you

    edit: this is also my second soltek board...the first fried about two years ago and nothing worked at all, so was replaced at store....could it be the same thing causing both burns?

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  2. Nodsu

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    The only way to get the mobo schematic is to be Soltek really hard and hope you talking to a generous person.

    What are the markings next to the burnt part? All bits on your mobo are numbered like C35 and R67 where C are capacitors, R are resistors etc.

    The burnt bit is close to the last two PCI slots, one of the IDE channel plugs, the floppy connector and the front panel connectors. Most likely it is a protective resistor or a filtering/matching capacitor.

    Maybe trace the track from the burnt component and see where it goes?
  3. six

    six TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i tried to read the numbers/letters around the burnt area but it was too scorched to read them.

    its now all put back into the case with everything closed back up again. i had someone else take it out and put it back in for me and don't know when they might be able to do it again.

    so i can't really get that info unfortunately, thats why i was hoping for a schematic.

    thank you
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