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Jan 30, 2008
  1. Well seems my computer has completely been fried, the memory and harddrive are the only things that didn't die. So... time to search for a new computer.

    I'm looking for a pretty fast computer (under $1400), things I basically do on my computer are Gaming, Photoshop, Internet and that's pretty much it. Just need something that can handle those pretty well. I found two that I really like and thought I'd ask which you guys thought was better and if it's a good PC.


    Edit: I just found this one to
  2. captaincranky

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    Decisions, decisions........

    The Acer has Windows XP Pro, 4 GB RAM, a Q6600, BUT...... it has Intel integrated graphics.

    To be a true gaming box you'd need to spring for a GT8800 Video Card.

    The Cyberpower has a C2D (but a fast one) , only 2GB of RAM, Vista Home Premium, >>AND<< a GT8800 video card.

    If I were going to buy a gaming computer I'd like the C2D 6750, 4GB of RAM, the XP Pro (for the time being at least), and the GT8800 Video card. But this wasn't one of your choices.

    To make the Acer a gamer you'd have to buy the GT8800 video card, at around $270.00. So, the Acer would cost you about $1280.00, this is the figure you need to weigh as you try to decide. The issue of which OS comes into play if they ever get DX10 implemented. (For this you would need the Vista).
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  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    This PC is a much better deal, provided you upgrade the RAM, since Photoshop shows performance improvements with more RAM.
  5. captaincranky

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    It's 11:30 Here....!

    That's nice Rage, but they're saying you need to buy it within a half an hour. Of course the price may go down tomorrow. Marketing BS!

    Phenom CPU? Has it been decided that these are the way to go already?

    2 ATI-3850 video cards in SLI? Some are claiming the 8800GT works as well as some SLI setups?

    Don't know, just askin'.
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    I don't see that anywhere captaincranky. It's only the Free Shipping and the other stuff that will be available for that time. Plus, I believe that's all valid upto the 1st of February if I read the date correctly, since I believe it's written in the MM/DD/YY style.
    The CPU is a quad-core and available for pretty cheap compared to the other Q6600-equipped PCs there.
    A similar 8800GT SLI setup will cost only about $20 more, but I didn't recommend it since it'd go over the OP's budget. If the OP can afford it though, it's the best option.
  7. raybay

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    Cyberpower is a pretty good unit. Ignore the short time frame. If they are pulling that gimmick, get something else. If they want to sell to you, they will.
  8. captaincranky

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    Cyberpower...The Gamers "Dell"

    First the retraction; Rage is correct about it only being the issue of "free shipping" to expire. I got wrapped up in the technical specs and missed the point of the "sale" by a tad. In my own defense, an honest mistake, since I wasn't actually going to buy it, just evaluate it.

    Power Shopping: Cyperpower's "build your own on the web" format is almost identical to that of Dell and it carries with it the same monetary caveats.

    First, the package is generally the deal. They expect to reap a higher profit margins in the add-on and upgrade items. I went down the list of these things and saw that some of them were quite fairly priced, others were far from it. The moral here is, should you want to go beyond the original package, then be prepared to do some power comparison shopping elsewhere to level the playing field, before sitting down to place an (modified) order.

    Cyberpower doesn't seem anywhere near as ruthless as Dell. This from a quick look and IMHO. Because I haven't been to Dell's web site in 5 years or so "I---MHO" may not be as relevent as it could or should be.

    To me anyway, a computer isn't ever bought in it's final configuration, just a starting point, and saving up to buy parts and making improvements is a big part of the fun
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