Buying the right kind of DVD drive

By crazy_comp_dude · 4 replies
Apr 27, 2005
  1. Hello, I was planning on purchasing a DVD drive and I was wondering if i should get a DVD-ROM or a DVD-RW drive. All i really want to do is watch movies and install games that now have DVD software :mad: . Anyway I was wondering what type I should purchase because i know DVD-ROM drives are cheaper. And I don't think I will be buring any DVD's anytime soon.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    In the case of not burning DVDs, your best mate will be LiteOn (who recently merged its DVD-rom division with JVC).
    Any model with a type-number of 163 or higher is a great choice. Look for their drives with Smart-X and ABS technology.
  3. patio

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    The price gap between Rom drives and burners has narrowed quite a bit. For my dollar i would spend the extra for the burner. If not for anything else than being able to back up your system in case of problems.
    As RBS suggests Lite-On are fine units i just installed one on my brother's machine and i think it was $65.oo US after rebate.

    patio. :cool:
  4. crazy_comp_dude

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    Well I'm from canada so I was thinking of some DVD drvies from
  5. Spike

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    well, I live in the UK, and one of my local shops ( does a DVD-RW drive for about £40. A shop just down the road from them (Opal Computers) does a DVD-ROM drive for £15.

    personally, I'd pay the extra and buy a writer, particularly if you burn a lot of CD's. Sometimes it's a little annoying when 700MB is to small and you don't have a bigger disk. with a 4.7 GB DVD, that tends not to be an issue - for me at least.
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