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Jan 16, 2006
  1. We've just got a new computer in at work (computer repair shop). It's a older dell P2 server. It has 2000 pro on it and we need to get the serial off the hard drive so we can reinstall 2000. This machine has novell client login thing installed and we don't have a user name or password for it. If we boot in safe mode we get around novel but then we need a windows login which we dont' have either. We've treid using ERD commander and that doesn't work either. Is there another way to get the windows 2000 serial off the hard drive?
  2. Nodsu

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    What do you mean by the Windows 2000 serial and why would you need to remove it?

    In order to reinstall Windows, all you have to do is to boot from the CD and delete all the old partitions from the hard drive(s).
  3. golfing22

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    Well this computer doesn't have the windows 2000 "key" and to reinstall it I need to get the key off the install.
  4. Nodsu

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    Hum.. Unless you have a Windows license (on paper), then what you are trying to do is just plain illegal.

    Perhaps you can ask whoever installed Windows 2000 there to provide you with the original media+license or at least the OEM sticker containing the CD key.
  5. golfing22

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    Since when has it been illegal to reinstall windows with the key that came on the computer that is yours. If what u say is true then the program "JellyBean" is illegal then.
  6. Nodsu

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    Well, if the key came with the computer, then you should have it! WHat if the BSA knocked on your door and performed an audit? How the hell are you supposed to prove that the Windows 2000 installation is legal?

    If the computer came with Windows 2000, then there is a sticker on the case with the CD key printed on. Or you have a shiny Windows 2000 CD in a box with the CD key printed on. If you do not have any of these, then whoever installed WIndows on the computer has to supply you with one or you have to remove Windows from the computer. Period.
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    just a note.
    if you buy a home-made pc from a flea market that the builder spent the money, bought the o.s., installed it, activated it, and validated it through microsoft, but now is nowhere to be found, then what do you do? microsoft has the records, all you have to do, is call. i'm sure a home pc builder, such as myself do not put a sticker on the side of the computer. in this case, the pc is dell. it should have a sticker. i have sold a few older dell's and hp's to individuals that had no stickers on them. but did have the oem cd's and cd keys. microsoft can verify if the installed o.s. is legit or not. you can even do it online. i don't see any problem with anybody trying to discover his own product key or product id on an installed o.s. let's not be microsoft's police. and let them validate or invalidate it, once the key is found. however, this fellow, is stuck on a domain logon issue. can't even get far enough to find the key. some government agencies do sell surplus pc's with logon software still on them. this is the issue: how does he get past the domain logon barrier, which has nothing to do with windows o.s.
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