C:\Mft is corrupt.

By johnboy43
Nov 19, 2006
  1. I need some help getting this off of my computer, the biggest problem is; I am computer stupit! So any help has to be easy.
    My computer is a intel pent. D CPU 3 ghz with 1 g of ram. I put the thing together. It was running great until I downloaded IE7. I've seen where someone said I'd have to run a repair with my windows disk, but it would loose all my files/ data. I hope not to do that! My rundisk run everytime I start my machine, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem. What can I do?!

    C:\Mft is corrupt......... so on and so forth. I thought it wasn't clear enough.
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    I have moved your post to it`s own thread, rather than leaving it in an 18 month old thread.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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    Do you know what MFT is? Its stands for Master File Table, which in your case is NTFS. This is the platform that XP,w2k and vista filing system are based off of.
  4. ectogamit

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    I have been getting this error for a while, I just noticed that if I disable Norton Auto-Protect the error goes away. But I have to disable Norton Auto-Protect as soon as the icon on the task bar pops up. The error "C:\MFT is corrupt" will pop up still, but I disable Auto_Protect "till system reboot" then close the error,the error stays gone. If I tell it to disable Auto_Protect for 15 min or "what ever time" that it turns back on within seconds the error happens again. The longer the error happens before disabeling Auto-Protect the more likely a system reboot with forced scandisk will be neccessary as the error may not go away at that point. The Another thing I noticed is that the computer seems to run perfect except for Microsoft Internet Explorer (while the error is happening). I am running IE Version 6. Though at first I thought it was IE causing the problem, because if I closed the error IE would work fine for how ever many seconds before the error occurred again, but then IE bog's down just as the error happens. Maybe there is a conflict between Norton AV 2006 and IE6 or something. I am willing to bet there is some other factor playing into it like an IE plug-in, just not sure how to track it down further. The error did start happening after I installed NAV 2006, but I don’t remember how long after, doesn’t seem like it started immediately. A month may have gone by, not sure.

    The S.M.A.R.T reports no errors and scan disk shows no error (though it will only run after a reboot prior to windows loading. The drive is a 250GB Hitachi.

    I wanted to post this to see if anyone else has noticed or experienced the same or similar thing.

    P.S. your friend may have been referring to running sfc /scannow from run, but you’ll likely need your XP disk

    P.S.S. remember your system is vulnerable while Auto-Protect is off, doing a system scan will still work to check for viruses
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