C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386/rtcdll.man missing...

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Nov 4, 2005
  1. After a scan disk started on it's own i have the next message window coming up with different files missing.
    "Files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions.To maintain system stability Windows must restore the original versions of these files." The network location from which the files should be copied .... C:\windows\servicePackFiles\i386/mswincrt.man ... is not available
    Contact your system administrator or insert windows XP Service Pack @ Source Files Now.

    C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386/dxmrtp.man Missing files

    What should i do ?
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  3. gustav

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    The missing RTCDLL.MAN Problem

    Hi guys I thought I was in heaven when I saw the exact problem I had. So I downloaded easy cleaner. When I tried to run it I got no action. This isa also another one of my problems. If I try to run any new program from a CD or a download I get a message in most cases that says I am trying to execute an invalid command. All my installed programs work fine. I can also surf and none of my scans for virus or spyware produce any results. Norton tells me that I have no problems. Microsoft Antispyware program scans clean as well.
    I don't want to reformat and reload my 120 gig hard drive again if possible.
    So any help would be really great.
    I am running WinXP Pro with 2 gigs of Ram and an AMD 1.8CPU . I have SP2 installed. I did run win XP setup and selected repair but it never made any difference except I did not have to go through the Activate thing again.
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    1) I don't trust anything that Norton/Symantec says
    2) I don't trust anything that Microsoft Antispyware says
    3) you could copy the missing files from another PC or extract from the XP-CD
    4) Go here and follow the advice, you might be surprised! https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic47014.html
  5. gustav

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    I did that

    Hi Real Black Stuff,
    I ran the panda scan and it came up with 5 Virus and several hundred spyware cookies. I had to scan 4 times before I got my computer clear of all spyware. Where does this stuff get in. I don't have my computer on all the time and I read my mail in text form only. I do visit a lot of sites but try not to open pop=-ups or invitations for free stuff.
    I printed out Spike's list of things to make your computer safer.
    However I found that items 6 or 7 I could not do. I tried to set up a limited account but found it restricted my use of a lot of programs as they wanted admin privilges.
    I suppose some things are better than none.
    I will keep visiting and pick up hints.
    Well done all you guys that give assistance here.
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