C:\windows\system32\config\system, oh its a classic

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Oct 12, 2007
  1. C:\windows\system32\config\system

    Today a game didnt work on my computer and I got irritated and turned it off at the power button, and when I restarted I got the above said as an error or corrupt file. I've looked on this forum, and on others for advice and found theres many things to try. I've tried the chkdsk thing using /p and /r. Using /r took ages and i restarted and bang back to that error message again.

    I've used my friends windows disk as I didnt get one with my laptop, and I've put it on and tried that thing, also trying to copy the damaged file but that didnt work. I've clicked on it to put on a new version of windows and accepted the terms and then tried to press R to repair the partician C but it just didnt do anything.

    I dont want to format because I really need my course work and was wondering that if I cant fix it now, do any of you know a way to gain access to whats on the harddrive? I have a memory stick I was hoping I could copy them. It's only a few folders that I need, all the music and stuff can be found again.

    Any help from any one who has an idea what to do would be really great, until then I'm going to keep trying to get it to repair itself some how.

  2. BlameCanada

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    If you have another computer handy attach your hard drive as slave,

    then drag the files off.

    You can also attempt to repair the system,while your there,

    by looking at THIS thread.
  3. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter


    yes that site is on one of my list, i've tried 2 of the things on it, I'm interested in hooking up my other laptop to take the files but my question is how do I access them on my messed up computer? I mean it doesnt load anything so how would I get access to the desktop?
  4. BlameCanada

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    As long as the drive physically works,you will be able to see

    all the files in Windows Explorer,of your other laptop.

    It will just appear as another drive with it`s own letter.
  5. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    You mean like connect the laptops with a USB cable? I tried an ethernet cable but since the bust laptop cant get past saying


    file is corrupt or missing"

    I have no way of configuring it. You think if I get a usb cable to connect them both it will just appear in the windows explorer bit? I'm sort of worried that since its pretty messed up no files would appear from it, since it doesnt even load up windows.
  6. BlameCanada

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    Sorry,I didn`t make that clear enough.

    You have to remove the hard drive, and either put it in a

    USB Enclosure for attaching to another laptop,or use a

    Laptop/Desktop adapter for a desktop.
  7. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ah ok lol that makes more sense, so I just check the size, whether its 2.0 or 2.5 inch with dell to make sure I get the right one and then remove and connect it up? After doing all that is it possible to put it back in the laptop and format and put windows back on?
  8. BlameCanada

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    If all you want to do,is drag personal files off, then reformat and reinstall,

    then I suggest you format the drive on your spare laptop,using Disk Management,

    then return the drive to the original laptop,and run the install.

    If you want to attempt to repair the "..config\system" issue,

    you will have to follow the steps in that first link you tried.
  9. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    really? it sounds kind of risky to be removing both harddrives. If I do remove that harddrive and place it in this laptop, wont it still just be messed up? Sorry for sounding confused I've never had to do this before, I just mean if I put that harddrive in this working computer, how will I be able to access the desktop and thus disk management?

    I would prefer that option so I dont have to buy that thing to back up the hard drive. Would the hard drive work if I placed it in this working laptop instead? I thought it would still be bust.
  10. BlameCanada

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    No,your not removing both hard drives ! :haha:

    1.Remove hard drive from laptop with the problem

    2.Place it in a USB enclosure (see above)

    3.Plug that enclosure into the USB socket of your spare laptop.

    4.Start up that laptop

    5.It should recognize and install that hard drive.See HERE

    6.Click on My Computer.Click on the new drive.

    7.Drag your personal files off.

    8.Decide whether you want to repair it.(see above) or just format.

    9.To format,go to "Administrative Tools" in the Control Panel,look for Disk Management


    10.After format,disconnect external enclosure.Replace hard drive in the original laptop.

    11.Run XP install from CD
  11. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ah lol makes much more sense, the numbering really helps :p I'm going to try and buy one of those things as soon as possible, then I'll follow your instructions and hopefully can save my stuff before I format the bastard. Thanks for all your help, I'd still be swearing at it in German with out you.
  12. BlameCanada

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    I`ve just noticed, you said you don`t have an XP CD for this laptop.

    To reinstall XP you will need an XP CD (not your friends) or "Restore disks".

    Restore disks are usually supplied with OEM machines - Dell,HP,Sony etc.....

    If you have no sort of disks and you don`t want to buy any,then go for the repair option.
  13. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh no i have the xp cd from the spare laptop so that should work.
  14. BlameCanada

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    It will work fro 30 days if it`s a retail CD.Then it won`t work.

    You will have to buy one.
  15. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ah crap i just realised that, maybe I'll look at the repair option more, I got annoyed with it when i tried the third option and my laptop wouldnt type the ~ key, kept giving me # and \.

    I think a guy in school has a windows cd that he hasnt used so I'll see if I can get it.

    Will it still not work even though I know the code you have to type in and stuff? Or is it just a default thing that it shuts itself off.
  16. BlameCanada

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    Unless you register a valid unused key with Microsoft,it will just shut off.
  17. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've been looking around and noticed on one site it said something like it doesnt matter what windows CD I use its the product key that matters? I still have the sticker for the product key on my laptop, when I reformat cant I use my friends CD but the same product key again? Or is every single CD specialised to only suit the product key?
  18. BlameCanada

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    I can see you need a crash course in WPA - HERE :dead:
  19. Parvenu

    Parvenu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ah ok I can see my plan would have worked before 2005 I see lol, I'll try emailing microsoft to get a replacement disk. What joys!
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