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Oct 1, 2005
  1. Ok- I am NOT a typical techspot genius! :blush: Obvoius from my question maybe...

    If I am moving to a community/place that comes with basic cable, does this mean I can put a splitter on that cable and have broadband too? If so, how do i get connected?

    Or do I have to get a seprate provider? If I need one, who is cheapest, what is the cheapest yet not the slowest way to get online in the USA (besides paying out the nose for Qwest or Verison)?

    Thanks SO much!
  2. Blakhart

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    Who you get cable internet access from will be determined by the cable tv company that sells cable tv service in your community. Call them and see what they can do for you. Typicaly one must use a splitter, but direct feed would be better. A cable modem is also a requirement, sold or leased by the cable co. These typicaly have to be activated by the cable co, you normaly can't just slap any old cable modem into service just anywhere.
    As well, when I run my pc on another cable system, I have to change my mac address to match that of the system mine is taking the place of, the cable co will not allow connection by other than the specified mac they know about.
  3. BillGates

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    Tha'ts right and if you keep trying to connect the will take the one who is buying the connection of the DNS list and they will never get connected unless they call the ISP and talk about the situation.
  4. irishdave23

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    The modem will not work unless it is provisioned in the UBR of the provider that services the area.
  5. BillGates

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    Yep call them up and veryify that you are using the MAC address that they have on file and IP address and everything else they have on file if it is not the same well then nothing will work.

    If all else fails call them and have them come to your house and fix the problem.
  6. jobeard

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    One would expect this, but strange as it seems, not all ISPs use MAC hardware enablement (ie: sometimes you can get away with using another computer).
    For a certain, the modem enablement will need to be coordinated to the ISP.
    There's no free lunch :)
  7. BillGates

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    The computers don't matter it is the Modem that has to have the MAC address with the ISP, and if it is not using that then the other part which I am not going to say but makes sure that it is the modem and cannot be changed by the average user.
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