Cable management and airflow

By Malganis · 6 replies
Nov 29, 2006
  1. I have a Thermalright XP-120 on my CPU (With a 120mm FAN), a Thermalright HR-05-SLI on my Chipset (With a 70mm FAN). My current temps are (While I post this (Everest ftw)):

    CPU 37 °C (99 °F)
    Chipset 38 °C (100 °F)
    GPU: 45 °C (113 °F) (I just played a 2 hour match of UT2004)
    HD: 27 °C (81 °F)

    I think the airflow is kinda killing me. I have a Lian Li PC-71 case, with two 80mm fans in the front and 4 in the back. And the big 120mm FAN from the PSU that's sucking air out the back through a 80mm FAN. Air goes from the front to the back. But.. to much cables!

    How do I get rid of all of those cables? Ducktape? :p Anybody got any idea's or suggestions?

    BTW, does anybody know when the Arctic cooling for a Asus 7900GT/TOP is going to be released? The website says in December, but I think that's only for the passive cooler, I want to one with the FAN on it.
  2. mscott00

    mscott00 TS Rookie Posts: 60

    Well, I almost completely removed all of my cables from my case and still have 11 fans to power. For one, I shortened the wires for the 20 pin connector. Then shortened all other wires, made custom lengths, and completly hid the messy wiring.. I'll try to find some pictures..
  3. Malganis

    Malganis TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    How do you power 11 fans?! How much extra fan controller do you have? :p

    I have a 120mm Papst fan for my CPU cooling, but it doesn't have the third wire for speed control, so I can't plug it in the motherboard, is it constantly running at full speed now?

    One of the best things of a Lian Li PC71 case it the FAN controller for the front two FANs, it has three speeds. So I don't have to waste connectors for that.

    I just saw that my case is a little dusty, I forgot to clean the dust filter in the front of the case, so it just sucked the dust in. Kinda sucks. :( I hate dust. Since I'm going to have to clean it, gives me the change to re-cable everything and check all the connectors again. Just to be sure. :)
  4. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    I wouldn't worry about thoes temps at all, there ideal!
  5. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +422

    Rounded IDE cables or buy exclusively SATA drives. Use zip ties to deal with wires, you can bundle them neatly and tuck them out of the way pretty easily.

    I really think you don't need that many fans though.
  6. mscott00

    mscott00 TS Rookie Posts: 60

    i have 4 in the front of the case, 2 on the back, 1 on the side, 1 on top. I have Tt Volcano and a high speed fan in the psu (both cpu and ps fans can be put up to 5k rpm.)
  7. billygoat36

    billygoat36 TS Rookie

    I use rounded cables, and tuck away extra PSU cables behind my drive bays. Not the prettiest thing but it works :)
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