Call of duty 2 "MENU_" mod, Please help

By Spawn
Oct 13, 2006
  1. Hi all,
    I work at a lan gaming centre and we are having a problem with call of duty 2 on one of the pc's. For some strange reason the word "MENU_" appears before everything in the menus, I have been through the folders looking for mods and removed any I found but still no joy, Has anyone experienced this problem or have any sugestions to things I could try???
  2. clausiv

    clausiv TS Rookie

    I have the same problem, but no solution

    ...just so that you do not feel totally alone on this one :)
    I will give you a reply once I come up with a solution, and I hope you do the same - OK?

  3. crayonman

    crayonman TS Rookie

    Man, im getting the same error and your the only other person ive seen who is getting it. At first i thought it was because i didnt have enough memory, so i cleaned it up but it still dosnt work. The only way i get to actually play the games is when i create a server in multiplayer mode (but no one can join it)

    *solution is greatly needed (btw i bought mine off steam)
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