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Can´t install windows after using PM8

By Joselox
Jun 26, 2006
  1. Hi,
    I have a 200G HD and I created an 80g partition with PM8.
    Since I switched from Intel to AMD, I had to install windows again so I installed WindowsXP in the new 80g partition and copied all my info into this partition. I did this, so that I could format the 120g partition to delete the "old" WindowsXP and have more space.
    When I tried to format the 120g partition I had to set the 80g partition as active. I did so, and restarted the computer since PM8 asked me to do it to be able to complete the two tasks: set the 80g partition as active and format the other one.
    PM8 does the job (I guess, I never saw windows again after I restarted).
    When the computer tries to restart I get the error message "missing NTLDR".
    I can't start windows, but I say, "hey, I got an empty 120g partition to install WindowsXP again and recover my data".
    I insert the Windows CD, format the 120g partition, start installation and when the computer reboots to run Windows for the first time and insert CD key, etc, my computer freezes after the message "Press any key to boot from CD..." appears.

    This is as clear as I can explain this. I hope you guys understand my problem since I find pretty unreasonable not to be able to install windows on a fresh Partition.

    Things that may help:

    1- WindowsXP, 1g RAM, AMD 3000 Sempron.
    2- I tried to install windows on the 80g partition on a different folder and on the same folder as windows and the same thing happened.
    3- I got the 200g HD as master and another 60g HD as slave.
    4- When I press F12 to pick the boot device, if I select to boot from the 60g HD (does not have windows) is the only time that the same error appears "missing NTLDR".
    5- I also tried to install WindowsXP on that 60g HD and didn't work.
    6- 120g partition was "Disk C:" and 80g partition was "Disk E:". Now, it is the other way around.

    Did I screw up something with the Logical and Primary HD stuff?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    I would remove the 60 gb for now it just confuses your setup steps
    if you don't have valuable data delete the whol 200 gb drive and use xp to partition and format
    if want to save
    remove the 200gb drive delete and reformat the 60 load xp on it
    try see if xp will load on smaller drive
    once you have xp on smaller drive you may be able to fix boot.ini file
    make sure if ide the 60 is master set make sure the bios is set for this
    if sata use channel 1
    then when adding the 200 gb you should be able to copy files to 60 gb
    sometimes a few missed steps and I have to add another 4 or five steps to fix
    any time I am setup new drive I remove all other drives
  3. Joselox

    Joselox TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Didn't work by removing the 60g HD

    Thanks, but it didn't work by removing that HD.
    And regarding the other suggestions, I won't format the 200g HD and I won't format the 60g HD since both of them contain valuable info.
    The only thing I care is how to install windows on the 120g partition. There shouldn't be a problem since it is formated, right?
    Anyone has an answer for this?

    Edit 6-27-2006: I removed the 200g HD and installed Windows on the 60g HD without deleting info. I will try to set up the 200g HD as slave now.
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