Overclocking Can a video card fry a power supply?

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here a quick summary. My computer that had been running fine for 6 months suddenly crashed. when i hit the power button it would have power for a split second then turn back off. I replaced power supply and same thing happened.I built new computer with new case, motherboard and CPU but used same power supply that i had replaced the old one with. SMAE thing on new computer. I tested both power supplies and they were fried. I put in another power supply and the computer powered up but when i did this i did not have my video card in. MY question is... do you think it is more likely that on my old computer, the motherboard fried the power supply... or that the video card fried it. it is a PCI-E MSI rx1800 512mb ddr3 ram that uses the 6-pin power on the card. i havent tested the old motherboard. ive spent too much money already and either the old MOBO or the Video card will probably fry my new PSU.. im hoping its the mother board cause the video card cost me 300 bucks. is there a way to safely test the video card without blowing up a power supply? what do you think


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The video card will only blow a power supply if it tries to draw more power than the supply can handle, so simply test it with a psu with a high power rating (I usually burrow my m8s gaming machine to test components)
If it is fine then test all your computer components one by one and replace any faulty ones rather than simply buying new parts without knowing if they are faulty or not.
Good luck
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