can anyone help me?!? my computer is dead!!

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Jul 15, 2007
  1. My husband and I found an Emachines computer on the side of the road today. It was by our house and must have just been put out because it wasn't out there earlier in the day. So, I am pretty sure there is no water damage to it. For some reason, when we plug it in and press the power button, it does nothing at all. No lights, no beeps, nothing. However as soon as it is plugged in I hear a very faint high pitched whirring noise coming from the power supply. I am just wondering if the problem is the power supply, the cpu, or the motherboard. If it is either one, I am wondering what we should replace them with. We would be using the computer for gaming, but we are on a budget, so we wold need highest quality for cheapest price. Can someone please help me???
  2. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    are u serious?

    You found a computer on the side of the road, and you want to use it for gaming?????

    I really don't know where to start with that, so i'll start with the first thing that came to my mind:

    People don't throw out good computers, it is unbelievable UNLIKELY that you could use it as a gaming machine LOL! It is definately not normal to hear that sound, it sounds like the computer is STUFFED.

  3. babygirl

    babygirl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey now

    well i understand that it will be a bit of an undertaking, but my husband really wants to learn how to build computers, and he figured that this would kinda be a learning experience. it doesn't have to be great, but my husband does want to gut the thing, and pretty much just use the case./ we already had some extra ram, an extra video card and an extra hard drive, but my husband wants to learn how to do the rest.
  4. beef_jerky4104

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    Go to and follow their PC building walk through to learn how to build a PC.

    Since it was thrown out I wouldn't try to get it working. Just use it as a test bed and compare it to the newer PC if you are building one.
  5. Justin

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    A whirring or buzzing sound coming from a PSU as soon as you plug it in is an indication of a failing or dead power supply. Water damage does a lot less to ICs than most people think, so aside from corrosion you might have gotten lucky.

    Unless you happen to have a spare PSU on hand, however, you won't know for sure.
  6. 0mega9401

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    holly crap get that out of the house its an e machine ..... just change the psu and u should be fine let him make mistakes
    burning out a mobo is a rigth of passage!
  7. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    Ok, well here are some practical things I would suggest....

    1. Buy a new PSU. Try and get one that is atleast 400 WATT.It will cost
    about $50 AUD

    2. Buy a new motherboard. I would suggest you buy a motherboard that
    supports INTEL processors, and has PCI-E slots You shouldn't spend more
    than $100 AUD

    3. Buy a new CPU. If your on a budget, and just want to get some building
    experience (whilst still having a decent chip), I would suggest a Pentium 4 Processor (2GHz and above)

    4. The above are the essentials... After you have the above 3, look into
    buying optional things like More RAM, maybe a bigger hard drive, maybe a
    new graphics card

    Building computers is always fun and rewarding, so try that and let me know how things go :)
  8. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    Helping people PRACTICALLY

    one thing guys... Ive been noticing that alot of people are posting messages that aren't really practical... A lot of newcommers who come on here are not very experienced, and they want PRACTICAL assistance... They don't want to know the history of computers, or listen to people say how crap something is.. They want HELP, and they want PRACTICAL help.

    So give them steps they can take, or mention parts by NAME and how and why they should get the part etc.. These things help :)
  9. Dabears

    Dabears TS Rookie Posts: 35

    I agree with beef_jerky4104 about going to for directions about building a PC, but you have to have parts that are compatible with each other. More knowledgable people can correct me on this, but I would suggest starting out looking for a motherboard. That motherboard will tell you what proccessors and what type of RAM that motherboard can use.

    As for the computer you found on the side of the road, maybe you can use the case of it.

    Also techspot has a PC buying guild, although it might be outdated it is probably still useable.
  10. babygirl

    babygirl TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thank you to everyone who has posted. I really appreciate all the advise and tips. You guys are great!!
  11. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    You're welcome, anytime
  12. TheWatching

    TheWatching TS Rookie

    Testing components.

    It would probably be as easy quick test to take that machine to a computer repair store and ask them just to test the power supply real quick.
    Most repair shops have a simple tool to test the power supply in about 1 - 5 minutes.

    If PS is bad then, they might even try plugging in a new power supply. To see if your board will respond.

    Those are the first 2 steps for this ancient emachine.
    1. Test PS (if bad then.) (If not bad, then your mother board is probably toast.)
    2. Test New PS on Motherboard.
    3. A failed POST Power On Self Test can indicate bad Processor which will stop the board from booting.
    4. Try removing all the PCI cards as well except Video...if PCI or AGP and must leave it in. (Sometimes a PCI card can short out the whole board and keep it from posting.
    5. If the board does not post correctly, but you seem to get some power. Carefully feel the heatsink on the processor to see if it feels cold. Cold indicates no power to the processor...processor dead.

    That should get you started.
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