can anyone help me out [paypal problem]?

By SleeperDC
Jul 29, 2002
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  1. [paypal problem] can anyone help me out ?

    my PayPal account has been restricted for months
    i've been trying very hard to co-op with them, but they have no respond.

    the sitution is like this:

    in Feb, i paid $320 for a PS2 (b4 price cut, damn it) i waited for 6 weeks, but it never arrive, i ask the seller for a refund, he refuse to do so. i email paypal, they told me i can't ask them for a refund after 4 weeks of the payment.

    a few weeks later, Warcraft3 beta is out.
    i sold a few copies on ebay (i know it's not allowed =p ).
    the buyers agree to buy a copy of the beta with mutliplayer crack.
    after around 5-6 weeks later, one of them emailed paypal and asked for a refund. then paypal take the money out from my account and restricted it.

    i email them many times to ask how unfair it is, and the first few emails were reply as the follow. i've been waiting for 2 months now, when i email them, they don't even respond to my email at all.

    can anyone help me?

    and sorry about the bad english.
    please ask if there are any questions.


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