Can anyone rescue me? ABIT KV7-V Hell!

By spydox
Dec 28, 2007
  1. This system is driving me bonkers. When I try to boot it gives one long and 2 short beeps followed by a pause then it beeps rapidly forever. Once in awhile, like after 50-100 resets, it BOOTS normally (except it loads CMOS defaults), then it will run stable for many days.

    The one-long, 2 short beeps seem to indicate a video problem which is particularly odd as the mobo has no onboard video.

    Also the rapid short beeps indicate another issue I suppose?

    So far I've replaced
    Video card (tried AGP and PCI)
    changed memory slots
    Power supply (480w Athlon-approved now)
    CPU processor
    (I even replaced the mobo- original was a Dragon Plus 2.0)
    I also tried several CMOS resets
    I also pulled EVERY PCI card except the video.

    I have an:
    ABIT KV7-V,
    Athlon 3200 (32 bit),
    2GB Kingston RAM
    NVIDEA 256 MB Video AGP 8X
    2 SATA

    At this time I cannot get it to boot at all.
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